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I know you didn't think I'd forget my profiles so here they are. Right now I'm basically focusing
on the GundamW pilots profiles because their like the main characters of Gundam Wing. Soon I'll start
putting Treize and more of the females of Gundam Wing etc, in. Don't get upset, I'm going to add more
profiles, it's just taking me a little longer to update the page than I expected. Enjoy.

.::Current Character Bios::.

Heero  |  Duo  |  Quatre  |  Trowa  |  Wufei  |  Relena  |  Meriemaia  |  Zechs

      Relena says: "Heero don't stop your blood circulation in that spandex."       Heero says: "Ok then will you help me take them off?"       Meriemaia says: "Oh will you two get a room!"       Zechs says: "I'm warning you Heero!!"

Heero Yuy

Heero Yuy

Well.... Heero's the "Perfect Soldier" alright! If you've seen Endless Waltz, you'd know what I was talking about. He's relatively untalkative.

Heero's motto is "Follow your emotions, where ever they take you." He acts like he is heartless, but he has sort of a soft spot for Relena Peacecraft and well I think he really does love her.

If I was to sum up heero, I'd say hes one cute ass perfect soldier!

( Webmistress's Extra: ) ' Relena likeing Heero or vise versa might not be what the makers of GundamW intended on audience thinking but that can't stop a person from his/her opinion now can they?! :P '

Name: Heero Yuy
Real Name: Odin Lowe Jr. rumored
Age: 15
Eyes: Prussian Blue
Hair-color: Brown
Ethnicity: Japanese
Birthplace: L1 Colony Cluster
Height: 156cm
Weight: 45kg
Gundam: Wing Zero (pic soon)

" I'll kill Zechs. That will be my way of showing thanks. "

Duo Maxwell

Duo Maxwell

Duo Maxwell is an all around sincere nice guy. He helps people when they are in trouble. Duo's nickname is "The God of Death" (Shinigami).

So if ya feelin down, leave it to Duo and his wonderful since of humor to brighten your day. And could it be something going on between Hilde and him?! *wink*

......but I'll leave that alone! ^_~

( Webmistress's Extra: ) ' I sometimes wish ever man was like Duo, except for the killing part of course x_O '

Name: Duo Maxwell
Age: 15
Eyes: Cobalt Blue
Hair-color: Brown
Ethnicity: American
Birthplace: L2 Colony Cluster
Height: 156cm
Weight: 43kg
Gundam: Deathscythe (pic soon)

" Don't you just admire my ability? "

Quatre Raberba Winner

Quatre Raberba Winner

Quatre is a kind-hearted person. He dislikes fighting. His family had a colony that had nothing to do with OZ.

When his father's colony rioted against his father and killed him, he created Wing Gundam 0 out of rage. He then went on a rampage, destroying colony after colony. And he has this incredible fighting ability.

If I was to sum up Quatre's personality, I'd say he is a gentle, mild guy inless provoked, lol.

( Webmistress's Extra: ) ' This guy has 29 sisters, how can he stand it, it's enough having one! '

Name: Quatre Raberba Winner
Age: 15
Eyes: Blue
Hair-color: Platinum Blond
Ethnicity: Arabic
Birthplace: L4 Colony Cluster
Family: 29 sisters (more on it soon)
Height: 156cm
Weight: 41kg
Gundam: Sandrock (pic soon)

" I told you to surrender! "

Trowa Barton

Trowa Barton

Trowa Barton, disguises himself as a member of a circus troupe. As a first-rate circus performer, Trowa's perfect balance and unerring aim prove equally valuable in his role as a Gundam pilot. He later pretends to be an OZ officer.

It is also know that this guy has a sister, Catherine Bloom, who works at the circus with him. And I just want to thank a person (you know who you are) for explaining the whole situation between those two out to me.

If I was to sum up Trowa's personality, I'd say he's a cool, quiet guy.

Name: Trowa Barton
Real Name: Triton Bloom
Age: 15
Eyes: Dark Green
Hair-color: Mustard Brown
Ethnicity: Latin
Birthplace: L3 Colony Cluster
Family: Catherine Bloom (sister)
Height: 160cm
Weight: 44kg
Gundam: Heavy - Arms (pic soon)

" You have mistaken me for someone else. I am not Trowa. "

Chang Wufei

Chang Wufei

Wufei Chang is the pilot of the Shenlong Gundam and Altlong Gundam. Wufei sometimes acts like he has two personalities, the first his normal side, and his other self, the one that comes out in battle, his rage side.

I didn't really like or understand Wufei's character. And I noticed a lot of other people didn't either.

Man don't he look good in this pic though?! ' *winks at Wufei*

( Webmistress's Extra: ) ' Also can you believe this guy had a wife at 14 named Meiran who nicknamed herself Nakatu, shes dead now though. Plus she was the one to start saying the 'justice' thing. Sally Po is the next person I saw get close to Wufei.

Name: Chang Wufei
Age: 15
Eyes: Black
Hair-color: Black
Ethnicity: Chinese
Birthplace: L5 Colony Cluster
Family: Chang Meiran (wife)
Height: 156cm
Weight: 46kg
Gundam: Shenlong (Nakatu) (pic soon)

" I am Wufei. I won't run or hide until theres only one left to fight. "

Relena Darlian Peacecraft

Relena Darlian/Peacecraft

Relena Peacecraft the only person at the beginning of the Gundam Wing series that knows Heero Yuy's true identity. Through out the series Heero attempts to kill Relena so no one knows his identity but can never go through with it.

Relena Peacecraft finds out from her father Mr. Dorlian that she was taken in as the Cinq Kingdom was undergoing war. She then becomes the leader of the Cinq Kingdom instead of Miliardo Peacecraft. Relena over all is a warm hearted young women and will try make all people live in peace.

If I was to sum up Relena's personality, I'd say she's a gentle by nature girl. I'd love to be a little like her!

Name: Relena Darlian (Peacecraft)
Age: 15
Eyes: Light Brown
Hair-color: Light Brown
Gender: Female
Ethnicity: Northern Europe
Birthplace: Earth's Northern Europe Sanku Kingdom
Family: Milliardo Peacecraft (brother)
Height: 154cm
Weight: 38kg

" Of course beautiful and excellent things are to be praised. "

Meriemaia Kushrenada

Meriemaia Kushrenada

Mariemaia has a claim to rulership of all humanity, and she declares war against the Earth Sphere Unified Nation in an attempted coup d'etat. Her claim is backed up by the forces of the Mariemaia Army, whose mobile suit legions are unopposed by the disarmed government.

Though Mariemaia is one of the creepiest and cruelest seven-year-olds you're ever likely to meet, she's nonetheless an unfortunate, even pathetic, character. Her mother died when she was two, and since then she's been raised by her power-mad relatives as a figurehead ruler to legitimize their attempt at world domination. Only too late does she realize how unimportant she is to her grandfather's plans, and how little love her blood relatives have for her.

Name: Meriemaia Kushrenada
Age: 7
Hair-color: Red
Title: Her Excellency
Series on: Endless Waltz
Father: Treize Kushrenada
Mother: Leia Barton

" I will rule the world! "

Zechs Merquise

Zechs Merquise

Zechs Merquise started out as a high ranking Oz officer. He pilots the old Tallgeese Mobile Suit. When he breaks off from OZ, he goes into space to try to help the colonies. He, later, becomes the leader of the White Fang. With the White Fang, he launches an all-out war against the Earth.

Zechs' mask hides a dark secret. He is actually the son of King Peacecraft, heir to the Cinq Kingdom and Relena's long-lost brother. OZ will eventually give him the opportunity to avenge the death of his father and the destruction of his homeland, but what path will this charismatic warrior take after his long-sought revenge is obtained? In his own way, he's trying to carry on his father's legacy and steer the human race towards a lasting peace.

Name: Zechs Merquise
Real Name: Milliardo Peacecraft
Age: 19
Eyes: Pal Blue
Hair-color: Platinum Blond
Ethnicity: Northern European
Birthplace: Sanc Kingdom, Earth
Family: Relena Peacecraft/Darlian (sister)
Height: 184cm
Weight: 76kg
Gundam: Tallgeese (pic soon)

" I would like to have a codename, too. Let's say, firefighter wind? "


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