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* This page updated on November 8, 2011


1. Introduction - The Hippies Search For Sprituality From The 60's To The Present
2. A Way of Peace - Christ's Teaching On Peace
3. A Call For Restored Earth Theology
4. Animals As Valued Living Things
5. Religious Tolerance
6. Hopi's Comparative Beliefs on End Times, The Restoration of the Earth & The Creator
7. New Age Concept Of Jesus & The Kingdom of God (NVAH Book Review Part II)
8. Christ - The Anoited One & Buddha - The Enlightened One
9. A Fair Judgment & A Fair 'Chance' At Salvation
10. 2/16/11 ~ Biblical Support FOR Women's Equality
11. The Cult Tagging Of Alternative Faith Groups
12. Twelve Tribe Rasta Beliefs Of End Times & Jah's Name
13. Vendanta & Krishnians View On End Times & Judeo-Christianity
14. War Protests& Christianity (A Christadelphian Pamplet Reviewed)
15. The Nature of Jesus
16. '3' Interpretations of Hell
17. A Dangerous Type of Meditation ( Taken From The New Age Magazine Whole Life Times)
18. Hemp - It's Many Positive Uses
19. Marijuana Parts I & II- The Physical & Spiritual Effects
20. What Is Mount Zion?
21. The Two Roads
22. Back To The Garden
23. A Section Devoted To Topics of New Age & Theosophy
24. Earth Eden Project Online Tract

More Articles...

25. The Name Jah IS Bibical
26. The Non-Violent Action Handbook (My Book Review On)
27. Basic 3 Types of Christianity
28. What Is Moderate Christianity?
29. Dangerous Mind Altering Spiritual Practices - East & West
30. Drugs & Dangerous Mind Altering Practices & The Connection Between The Two
31.The New Peace Movement
32. In Defense of Contemporary Sounding Worship Music
34. The Whole History Of The Hippies Spiritual Movements
35. 2/16/11~ Dark Energy Forces in The Universe
36. Christian Hippie Ministries & Us

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