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Animals: Valuable Beings Not Throw Away Dixie Cups

What Can You Do?

2005 The Earth Eden Project

Scriptures have been widely interpreted in the justifcation of the exploitation of animals. Such individuals 'claim' that God told Adam and Eve to dominate over the animals. However, in the November/December 1996 artcile of Seirra Club magazine intiled, "The second Creation Story," Rabbie Daniel swartz explains that God said to "tend" and "care FOR" the animals, explaining that the Hebrew word SHAMAR is found in the Bible here which means "to guard," or "to watch over," NOT to "rule OVER" or to exploite, and Scriptures indictae that the earth and animals are NOT owned BY humans, but rather they are "intrusted TO them." Nevertheless, unforuantly, there prevails a haughty heir of a superiority complex amoung a vast majority of Evnagelicla and Fundamental Christians 'claiming' to be the true representives of God and Christ. These individuals 'claim' that only the lives of human beings matter and not the lives of animals.

Much of this likely rests on their belief that only humans have souls. However, the says that BOTH humans AND animals 'ARE' souls. In Luke 12:6 Jesus explains that even the more simple creatures such as the sparrows are cared for by God, so much so that even when each and every one of them falls from the sky in death God remembers them each. Proverbs 12:10 tells us that the righteous person cares for their animals but that the wicked are thoughtless and cruel towards them. And Psalms 36:36 tells us that God cares for animalkind and humankind alike.

By putting into action new behaviors of kindness towards animals our lives can be greatly enriched. Do you view your dog or cat as simply back yard accessories? Do you just let your pets breed as they wish, then only to dump their offspring off, not knowing their outcome? Throughout history humans have exploited animals in wanton hunting, for fur coats and unnessary testing. Shamelessly treating them as throw away dixie cups raher than as living beings worthy of our respect and love. Let us move to an enlightened state of mind and heart where animals are not hunted for mere sport and where they do not spend their lives simply toiling for our benifit. While we can not erase the past harm done by others, we CAN change our own behaviors now. The 5th Chapter of Jon and Isaiah 11:6-9 prophecied a time when all humans will live in peace and harmony with the earth and animalkind.

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