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The Earth Eden Project Presents: The History of The Hippies & The Spiritual Quest

* This page was updated on November 9, 2011

The Hippies Search For Spiritual Meaning: From The 1960's To The Present

There are basically '2' different things that the 60's hippie movement will most be remembered for...

On The Positive:

The promotion of equality for all, peace & unity, a love for the earth and all wildlife , the promotion of organic food , and natural herbal medicine, and a search for deeper spiritual meaning....


On The Negative:

The promotion and advocation of mind expanding drugs like LSD and the recreational use of marijuana and the free-wheeling and non-monagamous sex which later would result in sexual diseases, and later the AIDS explosion of the 80's and the total lack of responsiblity of partnered and perental life.

What Inspired The 60's Hippies For A search For Deeper Spiritual Meaning

The hippie movement of the 60's began as recognizing of the hypocrisy of society. They questoned the abandonment of caring for the earth, and other living things on it. They questioned the pompness of rigid and traditional styled religion .

Great Positive Contributions To Our Society

The 60's and early 70's hippie movement brought some outstanding contributions to our society as we know it today, and these would be education and awareness to racial and gender equality , environmental awareness and recycling, the value of natural alternative medicines through herbs and healthy diet, organic food,and not to mention some GREAT classic rock tunes.

Seeking Escape From Rigid, Hierarchical Religions

One woman interviewed in the book shares her experince of great memories as a child of going to a church summer camp in the woods and feeling very close to God and peaceful there, only to later experince the complete opposite as a young adult in the church itself. Of it she says, "As I grew older, the hypocrisy, or rigidity of so much insitutionalized religion contridicted the sense of those early experinces and turned me as well as my peers to turn away in disenchantment."

The 60's challenged our low opinion of the church and temples as social institutions. Ironically, what we sought was far more like what Jesus offered his dsiciples than what most Christian ministers dispensed in his name. Another quality that our sense of faith shares is a mistrust of centralized structures, a conviction that fixed hiercrchies and institutions inevitably become corrupt. For many of us it's a conviction based on our own bitter experience. Thus, what is happening today is a search for deeper, more personalized spirituality that is anti-hierachchical."

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Positive Contributions The 60's Hippies Have Made To Our Society Today:

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