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Earth Eden's Review on The Non-Violent Action Hand Book

Liberation from Seven Deadly -Isms:

By Sanderson Beck

Published By World Peace Communication in Ojai,CA

Price $5.00

ISBN# 0-9717823-5-0

I have read through this intire book and actually I don't find anything that goes against Christ's teachings. Infact, I was impressed with what agood job this book does of complimenting Christ's teachings on peace. Through this book there are many Bible quotes from Christ and positive comments such as this:

For we no longer take up 'sword against nation" nor do we 'learn war any more,' having become children of peace, for the sake of Jesus, who is our leader.


I especially like the part of the 7 Deadly Ism-isms as could in bold above. Here at The Earth Eden Project, these are the '7' issues I have strived to teach the public in my writtings that jesus does NOT support but preached against. That yes, Jesus IS against sexism,racism,violence, haughtyness,lording over others, being greddy with material things. For far TOO many from the left turn hostile against Christianity becuase some extreamists from the far left have preached that Jesus supports their wrongs in the form of these 7 spiritual errors.

Another part I like in the book is this:

Nonviolence Guidelines

1. We will not harm anyone, and we will not retaliate in reaction to violence.

2. We will be honest and will treat every person with respect, especially law officers.

3. We will express our feelings but will not harbor hatred.

4. We will be alert to people around us and will provide needed assistance.

5. As peacekeepers we will protect others from insults and violence.

6. During a demonstration we will not run nor make threatening motions.

7. If we see a demonstrator threatening anyone, we will intervene to calm down the situation. If demonstrators become violent, and we cannot stop it, we will withdraw.

8. We will not steal, and we will not damage property.

9. We will not carry any weapons.

10. We will not bring or use any alcohol or drugs, other than for medical purposes.

11. We will keep the agreements we make with other demonstrators. In the event of a serious disagreement, we may withdraw.

12. We will accept responsibility for our nonviolent actions, and we will not lie nor use deception to escape the consequences of our actions.

Infact, the above 12 guildlines sound just like the guildlines practiced by the majority of Christian Hippies would attend the Rainbow Gatherings to help spread the Gospel to the neo-hippie culture/people.

Having said all this..and dispite the fact that i DID find anything thing in this book agreeable..that does not mean that I find everything that author of this book writes in harmony with my own views. The author has written another which while I agree with many of his social jsutice views...I found not so with much of his theological views...Click below to read more about this.

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