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Denile Of Dark Engergies In The Universe

New Thought and Liberal religions are very good at being inclusive towards all, which is positively something the far religious right could learn from. Infact, at One Center For Spiritual living Center the pastor prays for God to bless all paths..not just their own denomination. On the flip side, however, many liberal religions reject the notion that there could be dark forces in the well as a Source of Light. One New thought book intitled "Laws of the Mind" says on page# 6, paragraph#3, "There is only ONE power. There can not be two. If there were two powers, one would cancel out the other and there would be no order, design, proprtion or symmetry. There would be chaos instead of cosmos." This reasoning goes completey AGAINST the basic concept of Taoism which teaches that to everything in the universe there is an opposite. Hot verses cold. Up verses down. Male and female. Light verses darkness. Infact, the very Tao symbol display this concept. Is it reasonable to even consider the possiblity that dark forces may exist in the universe. Why would people be so against even considering the possibility that dark forces in the universe may even exist? It is a large leap to believe that a Divine Force of Light exist? Is it mere fear that causes such a strong rejection of belief that maybe dark forces DO exist? What if..dark forces DO exist? And 'if' they did..wouldn't you like to know how it is possible to avoid them? What if you did not know what Poision Oak was? What if you did not even know that Posion Oak existed? How, then, would you be asured you would not accidently brush up against it?

One of the biggest mistakes sincere spiritual seekers make is when praticing mediatation they "empty their minds of 'ALL' thought. Indeed we can empty our minds of bad thoughts and EMEDIENTLY REPLACE THEM With GOOD THOUGHTS. But NOT to simply "empty our minds of 'ALL' thought!" Why? There are dark forces in our universe and these negative forces look for empty minds. These dark forces require/need/desire a "host" in which to live. These dark energies roam about, seeking something/someone to inhabit. What is a person's defense against such dark energy forces? We are instructed to "be filled with the Spirit of Light." (Eph5:18) Dark energy forces returns to check out the "house" he left. (vs44) If he gets there and finds it "vacant" house ...what does he do? He enters...and takes along some of his "buddies." Remember that "There Are 'MANY' lords out there". See 1 Corthians 7:39. There are many gods out there. Indeed Satan is even called "the god of this age of things." See 2 Corthains 4:4. We have to make sure that "the God" and, "the LORD" that we turn to is the one of Light and NOT darkness! Also, not all angels are of light some are of darkness.

The "empty" mind/heart is a "vacant house" for wandering dark forces roaming about, to indwell. Did you notice...the dark forces comes back and finds the house "empty and clean." Nobody's living there. In the context of what Jesus is saying, it seems obvious that if the house had been "occupied" the dark energy forces would not have re-entered. If one is indwelt by the "Spirit of Light" ...a dark energy force is going to come along, find the house occupied, and move on.

Putting on Holy Spirit is like spaying on yourself spiritual "Off", and the dark forces that might try to come around you then are repelled away like the detoured maquitos. And we can MAKE sure these dark forces are always repelled by putting on daily our spiritual "Off' aka The Holy Spirit and by not "Emptying our minds of all thought."

I would advise people to be leary of ANY spiritual movememt..whether it we Eastern or Western that tells people to "empty there minds" of all thought.

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