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Women's Equality IS Supported By The Bible

1 Timothy 3:12 addresses women elders in church leadership. In Romans 16, Paul commends by name Phoebe, Prisca, Junia (a female apostle), Mary, and Neureus’ sister as his “co-laborers”—thereby honoring these women and affirming their authority as ministers of the gospel. Furthermore, the Old Testament is replete with examples of women in spiritual, national and domestic leadership. Judges exalts Deborah’s military prowess and religious authority. 1 Kings 22 describes Huldah exercising the prophetic office, and Proverbs 31 praises woman’s spiritual, professional and domestic leadership. What Paul Really Said About Women is simply an outstanding book. As The Christians for Bibical Equality have brought out, much of the Scriptures that are yanked out of context to try and justify sexism towards women in the so-called "name of the Bible" are simply the very same Scriptures yanked in the south back in the 1800's to try and justfiy whites treating blacks and Native Americans as inferior.

Women do not want to be doormats but their church or organized religion frightens them into believing they must put up with being treated inferior in order to be pleasing to the Lord, Jesus Christ and/or Jehovah. This book shows how in much the same way the word "Hell" was translated where actually the meaning "Humankind's common grave" should have too have translations taken the liberity to translate the Gree word "ARCHE" which means "Chief", "Leader" and "Ruler"/ "Have authorty over" and thus in English "HEAD"..where instead the Greek word "KEPHALE" which actually denotes NO authority or superiorty in rank above another at all..but rather means "Self-less giver", "One who willing risks his life for others". After being enlightened on this, all should consider extanding the Golden Rule to ALL..meaning not just all races..but BOTH sexes, the animals and the earth itself.

Christians For Biblical Equality have done much to show how the Bible DOES support women's equality regardless of what religions claiming to be Biblical or Christian have said on the topic. I basically agree with their views only I am NOT a trinitarian so I do NOT endorse with the topics under the topic "Trinity". To read their FREE online articles simply click on the direct link here.

Christians For Bibical Equality
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