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Earth Eden's Review On The Christadelphian's Booklet,"Christ & Protest."Page 1

The '12' Guildines Of Non-Violence From

Review On Christadelphians Tract,

"Christ & Protest" By Earth Eden 2003

Everything that is in quotes in from the Christadelphian pamphlet:

"Christ & Protest"

All else not in quotes is my comments

"EVERYONE has heard about protest movements. Some of them, like Greenpeace, are internationally known. Some of them have taken up matters of general concern, but in a particular way -- the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament is a well-known case. Others are pressing for human rights of one kind or another, such as feminist movements or the anti-apartheid groups. Slogans and songs become popular and catch the eye or the ear, and the imagination."

"Crusades for peace seem a natural and understandable response on the part of sensitive and concerned people to what they see as the insanity of the arms race. The protesters see life itself as more precious than any ideology; their demonstrations and marches are not so much a protest against one or other superpower, but a plea that all nations should disarm before our civilization is destroyed."

Protest and Violence "But while some of the protest actions are peaceful, others are vigorously political, and some resort to or result in violence. There are even instances where terrorism and protest go hand in hand from the outset"

"Protesters are drawn from all walks of life. Though they may differ on other things, they are united in pursuing a common objective as defined by the protest in which they are engaged. United they may be in a mutual cause, but their reasons for protest may be widely different. Sometimes what seem to be purely social movements are used by extreme political activists in order to achieve entirely different ends from those at the root of the protest."

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