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* This page updated on Feb 19, 2011

These are my favorite hippie links. Enjoy! And if you like to have your page added on this list let me know by clicking the "FEEDBACK" button!

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The Eternal Earth Eden Project

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My Favorite Christian Hippie Links:

Rainbow People - Who Are They?(I LOVE This Page!)
The Eternal Earth Eden Project
The Name 'Jah' Bibical Roots
Is It Right To Tag New Religious Movements As Cults?
***NEW!*** The Earth Eden Christian Hippie Online Store!!!
Ojai Hippie Festivals

My Favorite Natural Food Cafes& Stores, & Youth Hostels:

The Farmer & The Cook. This Place Is Pure Organic & Vegan Hippie!
The Yosemite Bug Youth Hostel. This Place Is Fun! Hippie Hostel Haven!
The Rainbow Bridge Natural Food Store & Cafe...I LOVE this pace! This IS The Place Where All the Hippies of Ojai Come To Hang Out & Meet!
Lassens Natural Foods Market. Great Store & Great Delie!
Trader Joes! Our favorite grocery store!:)

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