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Christian Hippie OutReach Programs

Positive Things About The Christian hippies OutReaches:

In the 60's the youth counter culture...aka "hippies" began congergating together in flop houses or "communes", which are now today often called, "Eco Communities". There were some of these places based on just hanging out, and some based on Eastern religions. So some Christians with a more opened minded began opening up their own places based on the styles of these house. Today, this spirit is relived. One of these is called, "The Prodigal project.

Taken from the web site:

Who is Prodigal Project?

"A global culture of nomadic youth is emerging in our world today. Ever searching, ever wandering, they seek truth and dabble in eastern religion adopting fanciful and utopian ideals of harmony and community without God, but so often remaining lost and leading self destructive lives.

Jesus loves them and desires to be reconciled with them in His kingdom to fulfill His true purpose for thier lives. Because of their typically spiritual-minded culture and God's heart for them, we believe that they are uniquely open and ready to consider Jesus and be saved.

Our mission is simple: to reach every traveler in the world with the truth and good news, to see God transform their lives, and to see them turn and freely give the same good news to others. Our methods are also simple: " we were well pleased to share with you not only the gospel but also our very lives, because you had become so dear to us." 1 Thess 2:8. We believe that sharing the gospel with our words, deeds and lives is the most important way to reach out.

Prodigal Project is a non-profit, grassroots, community-based organization focused on evangelism by word, deed, and lifestyle.

By God's grace we are living to reach every hippie, tour kid, rainbow and new age traveller in the world with the gospel.

It might be a teenager from Texas who left San Antonio to be free and follow the tour bands across the states. It might be a German girl from Berlin on the tropical islands of Southern Thailand wearing dredlocks, a backpack, and hemp garments in search of a commune. It might be an Israeli man in his twenties in Goa at a massive trance and drug party on the beach. Global Nomadic Youth Culture a major movement in our times.

The sixties are over right? And yet over the world hundreds of thousands are still travelers who dress a in hippie-like clothes, use similar lingo, and adopt some of the same relativistic philosophies as three decades ago. The sixties are long gone, but in the year 2000, there are new nomads. Their culture is different, stronger, less idealistic than before. What ties them together is a common culture of drifting from place to place trying to find something meaningful. They are experementing with life and doing what they feel, looking for the ultimate experience.

They are often uniquely open to looking into "spiritual paths" for answers as well. Global Youth Culture is far reaching, influencing ther youth of Japan and Korea, Israel, South East Asia, African Nations, Central America,...everywhere. But by far the most significant thing to us is the fact that it is becoming a powerful influence in the emerging geneartion, and the scene is growing rapidly. God is concerned with the scene.

We believe he is calling the Prodigal Project and many others to sacrifice to reach them with the gospel of Jesus Christ. God will be continually moving in the Global Nomadic Youth Culture for His glory.

Humboldt County is known for the beauty of its Redwoods and the bounty of its marijuana harvest,[see my below link article on Hemp & marijuana] both of which are magnetic for hippie travelers Some come into town to pick up their weed so that they can head out again to sell it, some stay longer, preferring the peace and small town life of Arcata to the craziness of the cities.

Arcata was irresistible to us too, for the bounty of a different kind of harvest that we envision here, among these travelers We kept Arcata in prayer, and a little over a year ago we opened our outreach house here on G Street. The kids we minister to here are like any nomadic youth, but with a Redwoods, pot-growing, sleeping in trees edge.

As a ministry the Prodigal Project has always desired to "remember the poor". Our style of outreach reflects that here in Arcata, as we take food out to Redwood Park on Saturdays, or serve our indoor meal at a local church on Sundays.

We get into great conversations as we sit and eat together, and we have the opportunity to extend the same compassion toward these kids that God has freely given us. On Monday nights we study the scriptures together in our home, and our discussion style of study opens up time for questions or comments from the kids who join us. Some have never read the word before, and some are true prodigals, with lots of background in the word.

Besides homeless youth, though, Arcata is also the home of numerous "house hippies", New Age travelers who have homes and jobs, but still fit the description of the culture that God has called us to. They are the same people who we meet overseas in India, Nepal or Thailand, and we have a heart to learn how to extend our ministry to reach out to these people here in North America.

Regardless of whether they sleep in trees or in houses, one main thing ties them together, and that is their need for Jesus. Only in Him can they find true freedom, and that is why we are here."

The Earth Eden Project is much like these. The Difference being a major focus on the Kingdom of God becoming a reality on earth some day as it already is in heaven.

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