Lenten Meditations

“Tomorrow at sunset the Journey begins
The footprints precede you, but glow from within
Stop often to listen, to pray and to write
Be aware of your breathing, your feelings, your Light
Be true to intention, to wisdom received
Allow for transition in what you believe
Open your heart that your Way may be known:
There’s no death
There’s no cross
There’s no tomb
There’s no stone.”

Not betrayed, but Love misspoken
Not denied, but Truth revealed
Not demeaned, but Fear reflected
Not condemned, but Spirit healed.

The Two Gardens
“It is a cycle, you know;
It always was a choice
To follow wherever He’d go
To cry, sing psalms, rejoice;
From Eden to Gethsemane
The Path went many Ways
From wilderness to fruitfulness
Hot sun and rainy days…
And still you followed closely
In danger and in fun,
And still you seek the answer
Of how you both are One.

In Spirit, all Creation exists
And nothing is more or less
The Garden of Gethsemane
And the Garden of Eden, blessed –
How sharp the differences noted
Between such diverse lands…
In one, I hold a seedling or pup;
In the other, I’ve nails through my hands.

As God is in Everything,
How sad to be One,
Feeling all of that trauma
As a Nail in his Son;
As God is in Everything,
Then how sad the cost,
To hold his Son dying
In the arms of a Cross…
Could I do that act bravely?
Could I do it at all?
Could I be that wide open?
Could I answer that Call?

I will walk from Eden to Gethsemane
I will listen to the Word
I will pray for strength and courage
I will accept the feelings stirred;
I will look upon temptation
I will look into my heart
I will catch each judging comment
I will understand my part;
I will sing in my abundance
I will cry with those who mourn
I will share what I have witnessed
I will know myself reborn;
I will love my fearful spirit
I will hang upon the cross
I will die, and lie, transforming
I will rise above the dross;
I will learn that I am worthy
I will teach the Love that comes
I will walk from Eden to Gethsemane
I will see them both as One.

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