Day 19: Poems of the New Revelation


Is being
But not alive
And breathing...
That takes song
And singing
And not knowing
About being

I thought I knew it
I thought I knew depths
But no
Such greater depths
Open to me now
And yet
I hold to knowing
And needing to know;
I must transition
Beyond the knowing
Of breaths
And depths and deepness
And learn that singing
Is beyond
The ledge of learning
The edge of yearning:
That holds only being
Without the knowing

Is the key
To being me
All I seek
All I dream
All I am
Comes down to
My self
Into life.

Sing, flame of my Spirit
Sing, fire of my heart
Sing, flame of my healing
Sing your fiery art.

It waits now
At the edge of the meadow
At the edge of the forest
At the edge of the ocean
At the edge of the cliff
It waits now
My own Song.

Break now from your cocoon of silence
Having learned to breathe
Having learned to fly
Break now from your cocoon of silence

Let the music of the Spirit
Flow through you
Spring from your heart
Sing through your words
Heal through your Light

Let your singing heal
And grant protection
Let your singing calm
And bring Light;
Let your singing breathe
And grant freedom
Let your singing prosper
And bring Peace.

The Music of the Spheres
Reveals itself to you,
Allowing you to become One with it,
And know Truth.

Singing to the trees
The first step on the Path
Singing to the trees
In the wilderness
In the forests
In the rain
Singing to the trees
And learning who I am
Becoming who I am.

Sing to heal
Sing to feel
Sing to be real and realize
Who I am
Is more than
I think I am in others’ eyes.

Singing to heal a little one
Singing to heal the river
Singing to heal a horse’s run
Singing to heal the giver
Caused me my life of an evening
Caused me my life and more
Caused me the lives of my family
Caused me to die on the shore
Grieving I sang another song
Grieving I sang for them all
Grieving I sang for the deadly wrong
That came from singing my Call.

not christian that heathen singing,
not christian that heathen spell,
that cured without blessings from priests,
and so, was considered from hell.

I sing to heal your grieving
I sing to heal your heart
I sing to heal your leaving
To bear our time a part;
I sing to fill your saddened soul
I sing to make you smile
I sing your wounded self to whole
While we’re apart this while.