Day Two

I stand on a sandy beach, on the edge of a great lake. There is a full moon off to my left, halfway up from the horizon. There is a rowboat at the edge, with oars, half on the beach. I am called to get in the boat and row out and then around the perimeter of the lake. I notice a turkey vulture sitting quietly amongst branches overhanging the water. I am called to just Listen, and row - once in a while - to keep with the current. An alligator glides silently by, and I decide this lake must be in an area comparable to the Deep South of the US. It is a warm night, but not too humid or sultry. I continue to row along the shoreline. I am asked to ponder this: When (or if) I come back to the sandy beach again... will it be the same? How will it be different? I will have experienced time/space and changed my perceptions, my Knowing, my life, of course... And then, this question: Isn't that all that's different between the Gardens of Eden and Gethsemane?

I think perhaps I doze a bit, and when I open my eyes, Yeshua is rowing in the boat with me. I see that we have traveled almost completely around the lake. Then, Yeshua, says to me:"We have rowed all night, and you have rested at times. We are almost to our Place, for now." And I notice that the sun is rising in the direction we are rowing. Then he says,"Do not look for what was there when you left"...(referring to the sandy shore)"That was the beginning of a cycle and now it ends where a new one begins. Because cycles spiral upwards, the Change asks for you to Listen and See from your heart which direction the Path goes. Let go your cognition." And so, as I quit looking for the beach, I can feel the Flow, and turn the boat, rowing into a narrow inlet stream. Soon, I see unfold before me, a clearing that holds wonderfully welcoming Live Oak trees with incredible embracing branches, reaching out to us. We dock the boat, disembark, and go to a particular Oak, whose branches are low enough to climb up into. We work our way into amiable forks in the branches, resting and enjoying each other's company. Yeshua offers me some bread, and a drink of water. The early day is full of bird and insect conversation, and other noises of creatures beginning to move, or going to sleep. The wind is gentle and warm. The clouds are parasailing across the lightening sky. The tree shares its gentle thoughts with me. And all my world is at Peace.