Lenten Musings

in the middle of the day
my thoughts wander
their own path
on their own initiative
seeking water from a different well

Who knows the softness of a rainbow
as it gently lays across the stormy clouds
lightening the burdens brought from far away
sparkling within the tears that fall
singing lullabyes and halleluias
dancing with the sun

The breeze carries word from Yeshua
whispering in my head
in softest strains of Pachebel
"Do not worry; I am here."

Lost in meditative wanderings
and yet, not lost at all,
centered in the love of Spirit
within the Sacred Garden
... Here... is a perfectly
good enough place to be.

Where I walk, I leave no footprints,
for it is sacred ground
upon the sacred web
within the sacred heart
of Spirit.

Softness, against the brash clanging...
Gentleness, against the violent slap...
Warmth, against the cold rebuke...
Here, I rest in the Earthmotherís lap.

The wind brushes gently past me,
and I remember your fingers on my cheek...
The sun rests upon me as I walk,
and I remember the warm words you speak...
The morning sings in happy tunes,
and I remember your voice within my heart...
The path holds steady when Iím not,
and I remember your love when weíre apart.