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Yeshua on Revelations: Part 2

I was on a mountain path, level stone hugging cliffs of stone, heading upward. I was struggling somewhat, not being physically fit for such activity, but determined to get wherever I needed to go. The path turned right and out of sight about 10 yards beyond where I was. Imagine my surprise when I reached the turn, and instead of more mountain path, a great alpine meadow spread out before me. Green with summer. Grasses and trees green with life. Far across it, near where the mountain sides raised up again, was a small wooden cabin. I dragged my weary self over to it, and found the door opening before I knocked. It was Yeshua, attired in mountain clothing: blue jeans, flannel shirt, and hiker's boots. He led me over to a small bunk that was filled with comfy warm blankets. I almost collapsed, it felt so wonderful. After I had collected myself, he offered me tea. And then, we began discussing "Revelations" again. I asked again concerning the earth Changes, weather disturbances and climatic cataclysms, as they related to the Vision in the book.
He replied, "Do you think your going to the Dentist caused the terrible carnage in Spain yesterday? Or because Carole went to work late that it caused two more soldiers to die in Iraq?"
"So cause-and-effect connections are more a matter of perspective and power differentials, wouldn't you say?"
"You lost me there. About the power differentials."
"If you are told by someone whom you respect or expect would know the true connections, you would believe them most likely, yes?"
"Generally, I guess so."
"So, therefore, such people could manipulate such information to look accurate, which yet would only serve their purpose."
"Like an example?"
"How about a Mideast war and a Los Angeles earthquake? Do you think people would think Armageddon must therefore be coming? How about a meteorite shower of cataclysmic proportions? If it hit inland China: a scary astrological event; if it hit Iran: some kind of 'biblical punishment'; if it hit America: Armageddon, for sure, and my Coming imminent? Strange how connections can be made to serve the current political atmosphere or power plays or reasons to do pre-emptive genocide."
"You mean like the current political and religious power-brokers who seem to foment insurrection in the Mideast in their quest to hasten Your return?"
"Hasten My return? Hasten My return? As if they could hasten ME!"
"Whoa... hey, you're acting way too human. Careful..." And I smiled at him, over my tea cup. "But, okay, I get it. I'm understanding what you say. So, there's no real way of knowing if there is a cause of any particular effect, or what it may be."
"Yes; that's what I'm saying."
"So, the bottom line is still just staying in my Circle of Light, and not withholding Love... just doing and being the best I can."
"You got it. That way you won't be distracted from the Real Thing."
"Any hints?.." I smiled again.
"Pay attention to your heart. You will know.
And as I stepped out the door, I ended up back at the Inn, in a nice comfy chair next to the fire.