12th day poems


Just a shift and I am there:
a place between the earth and air
a place between the sea and fire
a place that’s deeper, fuller, higher;
Stillness flows… as if the Breath
of Spirit through the vastest Web –
where neither wall nor floor exist
where I am more than part of this –
I breathe this Breath as if to live...
surrender all I have to give...
breathe the Breath and so become
a mystic tune that I can hum
inside the Heart, inside the Flame
of God, or Spirit, one and same:
I lose all Word, til nothing else
remains except my first-born Self.

Too deep, so hard to breathe
…release comes hard to me...
and yet I know it’s true –
I must if I want through
the Veil about my mind
that keeps my eyes so blind
that holds fear in its fist...
I breathe...
and then walk through the Myst.

I cannot hasten Truth
nor keep it long at bay...
It sings within each breath
and rises with the day;
I cannot hold my breath
nor give it up to die...
It sings within the Truth –
and so, therefore, must I.

I am a Flame in the Fire of Spirit
not separate, and never alone...
as totally One as my mind will allow it –
a pastel indigo koan.

Soft and deep, this puzzled mind
sinks into the Abyss –
relinquishing all holds that bind...
and breathing in the Myst.

So tired, so weary of stress and pain
so much in need to play in the rain
yet I should know it’s only fear
that keeps me locked away in Here.

If I reach, You will respond –
although it seems so far beyond,
I ask that You might soothe my soul;
I know You will, if I let go –
and yet it seems so hard to dare
to walk a Path that isn’t there
until I put my foot upon
an ancient trail my choice has drawn
that will not show itself to me
til I release ‘reality’
and lose myself within the proof
that I am One within the Truth.

“Come now, into the Presence...
Breathe now, the sacred Essence...
Know now, the Truth revealing...
Heal now, what chooses healing.”

“Light of True Light...
Flame of True Flame...
Love of True Love...
We are One and the Same.”