Healing Light

In my Spiritual Healing Apprenticeship, I have now been assigned a higher level known as Journeywoman Healer. In this phase, I have been given the task to only hold a candle flame as Healing Light, in the midst of the seeming Darkness. Then, I am to wait for Spirit's will to move and to even express Intent. I am allowed to call the client's name to inform them of my Presence. This morning, while doing this Task, I felt concern for the client and his pain, and sought to send relief... slight tendrils of healing to ease the pain... or whatever might help. I was brought up abruptly by the Words that rang out through my head:
I intuitively understood the rest of that statement to be that I was not to presume to know what was the Right thing to do at that time, in that place, for that person. My presumptiousness indicated my own lack of Trust in Spirit. This is the second time I have been called on this, but I expect it will not be the last. It is hard to trust, when I feel as if, having the Power, I should use it to help people - especially people who are close to me - and not just hold it, hoping they will choose to use it. But I will ever persevere until I have this down correctly, or as accurate as I, of my ownself, can be.
It is important to understand that the flame of the candle holds all the Power of Spirit, condensed into that one small light... that everything is possible, that miracles are a choice away, and that the Highest Good is always present within the flame. The idea of the candle flame is that, if I focus my complete intent on keeping the flame alive, it increases its potency and the potency of any Healing chosen. Any cognitive thought on my part, no matter how beneficent-seeming, will detract and diminish that potency. Within the task of holding the candle, I will be led to do Spirit's will, if only to keep the flame lit in the turbulence of trauma. The flame is a beacon for clients, in their moment of darkness. It is Hope.