13th day poems


I am a Flame,
and flow in Stillness
on Spirit’s mystic Hand...
within the Flame
of Spirit’s Being,
I am because I am.

The small Flame listens intently
to the Voice within itself:
“By your own thought, you’re different,
yet the same as everything else...
the paradox deceives you
and so you believe the Lie,
and – wrapped in burning embers –
you think that you must die...
but, Truth be known, remember
your Oneness with the Fire:
you, too, are non-consuming
when you cease to fear the Pyre.”

“Healing” becomes a new Word to me,
revealing itself to be more
than what my cognition expects to see
when using its ancient lore...
I find I am so inexperienced here
with something I thought that I knew,
but the more that I learn, the more that I fear
that I’ve lost what is really the Truth...
“Healing” is really a choice to embrace
a Call from Creation’s Source;
a Call to shift to a better Place,
to sail a more peaceful Course...
and I can no more draw such to be
than I can design the night...
I can only, in prayer, weave a Sacristy
for the Presence of Spirit’s Light.

“Let go the circumstance!”… and yet,
there are some things I can’t forget
that pierced so deep, so far beyond
the lines my mortal mind had drawn...
It does not matter who it was,
or even if they had just cause;
nor do I care what Realm or Land,
but only how to understand
the Way I might transform this Fear –
to not be ruled by what’s not here...
the Way to shift my Knowing back
upon my Journey’s destined track –
the Way I can reclaim my Own...
a Sword I can draw from the Stone –
I seek to change enough to see
the Light within the Dark of me.

I asked You to be more discernible
as if You were at fault
as if You were the One should change –
and then I realized,
slowly, as usual,
when You did become more discernible,
it was I who had changed –
and it is I who needs to know the process
and change again –
I am responsible for my choices
and ability to see
and You.

My perceptions
are as much deceptions
as they are the Truth –
and by my choosing owned;
just so illusions
may be delusions
or gifts from God –
and, by discernment, known.