Yeshua on Revelations

As I was riding home yesterday in my truck, I thought about having Yeshua next to me... and there he was. I held his hand, or rather, let him hold mine, and I started crying. He asked me why I tended to cry whenever he or Michael made their presence more known to me. I had to think about that for quite a while. Finally, I realized - after beating myself up about not being worthwhile and sinful and all that - that it was being in the presence of Love... unconditional, as is, Love... which, truth be known, is a bit overwhelming. So, once I got that bit of perception integrated, I asked about his Coming and Revelations and all the Changes happening. He looked at me very puzzled. And then he said this very strange thing.

"It's all happening again... just like before."
"What is happening all over again?"
"The People in Power have convinced themselves and their followers of this image of me coming in some gloriously awe-inspiring political move that will affirm their mistaken belief in the righteousness of their thoughts, words, and deeds."
"What do you mean?"
"Well, you've read most of Revelations, yes? and you've seen films and heard sermons and attended revivals that all seem to herald some great dramatic event, where only a certain "chosen" people get to survive and ascend and such, right?"
"Well, isn't that what the Pharisees and Zealots thought, too? Isn't that why so many didn't believe me when I actually claimed the Name?"
"You mean John wrote a great Hollywood script of tremendous drama that's no more than a reality TV show?"
"Oh, there's some truth to what he wrote, no doubt. But the interpreters did much to influence certain kinds of thinking that would secure their political favor and position, not to mention those that wrote what they were told under threat of torture or death."
"So, no descending from Heaven in a fiery Cloud to dispose of Satan and his minions? No intercession with countries set on creating another world war? No rapture? Well, how are we going to know when you're here?"
"That's a fine question coming from you. You who know that I'm always here. You who know that the Kingdom is within. You who know that the rapture is a spiritual uplifting through cognitive and experiential understanding of the Oneness of all Creation."
"Well, yeah, but... I mean, there are Signs of earth changes, and Signs reflective of the Book of Revelations... and the mess in the Mideast."
"There's always been a mess in the Mideast. And, yes, there are earth Changes, but it's a matter of perspective. You also know that very well."
"Ok, ok. But then, so what? What am I doing here? For what purpose did I come, if not to collaborate and experience another great Shift in human consciousness? You know?"
"Why are you here?"
"Because I knew You'd be Coming, in a more direct Way than before. I wanted to be here. I wanted to be with You. I wanted to share the experience. Feel it. Know it. That."
"So, how will you know me?"
"I already know you."
"Correction: how will you know me as I manifest in this particular Time?"
"You will be someone who is not concerned about politics or power. You will be someone who is not cowed by authority, although respectful of it. You will not bring attention to yourself, except through words and deeds that come from you... like Mother Theresa did. You will hang out in crowds that most try to avoid: gangs, barrios, trailer trash, AIDS wards, bars, brothels, leper colonies, poverty spots, and the corners and alleys of big cities. You won't evangelize; you'll teach by example. You won't ask for money, but accept a commoner's gift of bread. And somewhere the rumors will start, especially if you tell them not to start them. Then, I'll know."
"What if I'm rich? What if I'm Black, Hispanic, Arabic, or Navajo? What if I'm a woman? What then? Will you still recognize me?"
"I would hope that I've become open enough to listen to the rumors and not live in expectation of the Vision of John's Revelation. I would hope that I would have garnered enough wisdom to see the True Vision of Your Coming."
"You're afraid you'd miss me."
He said that as a statement, not a question, and I knew He was right, in some strange way.
"Then, listen. I will call you when it is Time. I promise. I will call three times. If you listen with your heart, you will know, and you will come. You will not miss me. Of course, we both know that "missing" speaks of separation, of which there is no such thing. We both know that's a cognitive Lie perpetuated since the Garden of Eden political interpretation."
"I know."
"I will try to be listening."
"Trust me. And step out of your Self, into your Light where we both exist, anyway. Once in a while, ok?"
"I'll be getting out here."
"There's nothing out here, and that Lake is not even a lake - it's empty."
"I know; it's a Wilderness... and I've got some thinking to do. Take care. And put that seat belt on."
And I did, and He left, and I drove on home, pondering all He had said.

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