15th Day Poems


A river flowing
within a flame -
and in the river,

I rest upon the currents
of a river flowing through
the flame within my Spirit
that burns a violet-blue,
and learn the Peace provided
transforms the fiery flow
from deep volcanic magma
to a non-consuming glow.

As an eagle feather slowly falls
and gently greets the earth,
the peaceful river calms my soul
and helps me to re-birth.

The River sings
and Peace prevails
within my sacred Flame;
I breathe its Love
and fill my sails
with Power I have claimed.

No more maps designed by others –
no more books or rules –
where I walk there’s no known pathwork,
no known theories, thoughts, or schools…
I must trust my Self to journey
where my Light and Faith belong –
I must trust the Spirit’s guidance,
as I learn my Soul’s own Song.

“Heaven is happiness;
Heaven is here,
eternally present –
one breath past your fear.”

“Did you not know that, pilgrim?
How far you’ve come, and yet…
You’ve hid your fear in wordplay
where your control is kept…
Tis ‘happiness’ I hold here
within your word of ‘love’…
I am what you call ‘heaven’ –
it’s not some place above…
Here lies another Gateway
with this one lesson taught:
‘True happiness is Love expressed’…
it’s yours to choose or not.”

As God is Love
so we must love
to do the Image right;
as God is Joy
we must employ
the Happiness of Light;
as God is Peace
we must release
the Fear our hearts embrace;
as God is One
so we are One
with all whom God creates.