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         It's been a long time since there was an update. Breakdancing was just an excuse for us with common interests to get together and hang out. It was like a bowling club but without the drinking, because we did go bowling once. It was probably more productive than gangs or graffiti crews. There should be a t-shirt that reads "Breakdancing saves lives." Even when parts of ABD reunite, we never break, it's just talk of it in a joking manner, such as, "I would, but not today." Now instead of doing breaking poses for pictures, we just stand politely and tuck in our shirts.

         Added a new page called Movies With Breakdancing In Them just as I promised to do two years ago also updated my other nonbreaking page here. D-Flare has been the only member of ABD to be actively practicing and performing. I actually did an interview with him for a breakdancing segment in my movie class and got some great footage out of it. The rest of us are social breakers that break only if we see other people break, or if we see an empty floor that we just can't resist. Honesty.com counter last read 9133 visitors to this site.

         Updated Supra and Upcoming videos Page. Added Michelle Qwan pics to the first page here and here because that's the first time I ever thought that she was cute and those moments are something you should always cherish. Took off Stacey Keebler pics that I put on the front page because I just saw her on "WWF Smackdown" and felt like sharing her presence with the world.

        Updated Supra page with better pics, updated other Sayuhhh page, and added a new page of pics... Here are some things that Chris over at iistix.com has to say about plutonic guy and girl friendships:"Think your good guy friend hasn't pictured you naked? Hasn't pictured his schlong in your mouth? Hasn't sneaked a peek the last time you wore a revealing outfit? Get a fucking clue. Chances are he's imagined butt fucking you on the freeway. Now you know why some guys get so jealous more so than others." I totally agree and am guilty of doing some of these. Here's what he had to say about relationships: ... The meanest thing that I've ever done was back in 11th grade. This girl was asking everyone she knew in math class if they'd sign her yearbook, by the time she'd gone through her regular companions, she asked if I'd sign it, I then shook my head and said, "naw, it's cool." True story.

        Changed the special effects on the front page. Instead of a bunch of balls following you like the only girl at a sleazy bar, the mouse cursor now bursts full of balls everytime you click on any part of the page. I'd like to thanks the Japanese Celica webpage that I stole it from.

         Added thumbnails to everything, finally giving life to this page that once only consisted of white letters on a blue background. Which means, all the picture galleries, the video descriptions and breaking video reviews get tiny pictures. Yeah, no more pointless clicking and hoping for a good pic to pop up. Now what you see is what you get... Capoeira class was fun. We had a dance class from Hayward or somewhere coming into our class on the first day so the class was like 40 girls and 7 guys. Not too shabby, those dancer girls got it going on. Made me want to sing, "La la la, la la la la, I just can't get you out of my head." So I did a few nineties and tried doing some elbow spins and luckily I didn't fall down on my head and fart like last time... So I have the movies "Breakin" and "Breakin' 2 Electric Boogaloo" in my collection now. I might do a review of them. They're classics (circa 1984) so don't expect too much sophistication in popping or breaking. What did amaze me is that they had headspins, hydros and t-flares back then.

         Added reviews of breakdancing videos. I thought that was something cool. Seriously, I am running out of ideas for the site. Nothing breaking related going on in college, it's like breakdancing is something that is left to high schoolers or something. But I am enrolled in capoeira class this quarter at CSUH, so we'll see how that goes. Well, I was watching this Chinese movie "Shaolin Soccer" starring Stephen Chow and was hella cracking up when the dude on the field started kicking the soccer ball by doing a t-flare. If you've seen the movie, you know what I'm talking about. Then there were some gyros and some kind of windmill like bounces where someone else kicks the ball, damn, all I know is that it was funny. Almost as funny as when I saw that video clip of some guy playing "Dance Dance Revolution" on crutches... Yes I do believe that the world would be better if we could settle all arguments with a good old fashioned breakdancing contest. Like the way they did it on the show "Undeclared."... Anyone else remember "YES" cards? Damn, do I treasure my Vivian Chow cards. Anyone try to take them away and I will cut you. I'm serious, not kidding that time. If you have any Vivian's that you want to send me, just email me and we can work something out. Ivan

         Used this site to promote my breakdancing videos I had on sale on ebay, the current one being the UK Breakdance Championship 99 vhs tape Already sold Breakaway 3 and Freestyle Session 2, both for around $11 each, which is way cheaper than the retail price of $26. Updated Supra page with some spell checking and a new page titled "How a blow off valve changed my life." I think it's funny... Whoa, it's been a while since I updated anyting on this page. When I tell people that I think that all girls are beautiful, that is the truth, it's not me trying to be poetic or artistic. Although I do agree that some are more physically attractive than others. Can someone tell me why my next door neighbor has this pager tune thing that plays everytime he/she goes in reverse in his/her minivan? It is so annoying. With the music blasting, it is still hella loud. Danny must hear it too and be pissed off. I know I am. And what's the deal with people signing my guestbook saying that I'm gay and this website is gay? What the hell? That ain't what your girlfriend was saying when she had my dick her in her mouth. All she was saying was, "hmmphhff fphmmphh muffphff hummphfhm mmmm." Naw, I'm just kidding. Don't even know who left those messages, but they're gone. Just like the popularity of the Backstreet Boys.

         Dropped some links and added more links that actually had something new. Created a new Supra page.... Don't you hate it when girls in those cell phone booths at the mall say stuff to you like, "You look like you could use a cell phone." Who would have thought that shiny jeans would take off the way it did huh? Good thing that fad is over. I think Brad Pit is about to guest star on "Friends." Don't you hate it when you cut yourself with razor blades then drip vinegar onto it? That pisses me off. Or when you pick your nose and then blood comes out and you're relieved when it's only your finger that's bleeding, not your nose, but then you're like, why is my finger bleeding?... If only people would stop thinking about themselves and start thinking about other people's happiness this world would be so much better. That's what I say.

         All clickable pics now work. Deleted a bunch of people from my shoutouts. Cut out the beginning part of the "Other ABD's Online" part since it wasn't up to date anymore... Anyone else see that other white MK3 supra at Cal State Hayward? So is it stil hip to be a raver or is it cooler to be a wanna be raver? Like a person from the suburbs rapping about how he got to hustle on the streets to feed his moms, they make me sick. Damn that movie "Fast and Furious". Now when my brother is looking for a sports car, that movie has raised the price of the Supra's and RX7's he was eyeing. Surprisingly, the 300zx's have gone down in price. Things aren't hip when everyone is doing it, which explains the popularity of drugs.

         My old provider pages.whowhere.com shut down a year ago, but it's only now that it's databases are cleared, so some pictures won't work. I'm about to add a section called "Ivan's Theories of Dancing" which consists of all I can tell you on how to dance without actually being there to teach you. First comes the rhythm and then you can do the moves. Keep in mind that these are just theories, but they should help you out in your thinking about dance. I'm also about to add a special section in the Videos page where I'll objectively review all the breaking tapes ABD have ever seen. Also I'm going to focus more on the MK3 Toyota Supra page. Look for all of these updates to happen sometime from now to a year from now... Know what? In those Techno/ Trance music videos, they're pretty naughty. They show closeups of girl's cleavage, ass, nipples and more booty. The girls in there look super cute too. I'd let them go up and down on my wall street stock. Go play with their radio buttons. Go test out their easy bake oven. Let them roll my dough. Spice up their life. Put some sprinkles on their muffins. Put an Asian delicacy inside their bakeries. Give them the finger like ET. And all that good stuff.

        What the hell? Where did all my updates go? I done got wiped out. It's like my past two years of upkeeping this site are now gone. I guess I have to rewrite history. On the plus side, I did get my Supra this wednesday. It's pretty damn sweet. You could almost call say shibby. Or maybe call it jive. Created another page to put my feelings about it.(about 2870 hits)

Updated the Supra Page, intro Page, added J pictures to my bio, changed Jennifer and Cheng's pictures in their bios.

Added my Mk3 Supra page, added more pics everywhere and changed the bottom introduction message. I talked about having my DSL line installed. Thoughts like, damn songs take hella fast to download were running in my mind during that time. Went to Marine World with ABD the previous month. Saw breakdancers there next to the skate park demo thingie. Never would have saw that one coming.

March 2001
Also talked about seeing a very stunning girl at walgreens. She had beauty she didn't even know she possessed. She was wearing the kind of makeup that looked like she wasn't even wearing any makeup. Is that why my updates were deleted? Because I talked about this girl I saw?

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