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What Does ABD Mean To Me?

For everybody listening out there, snootchie bootchies

    One of the early moments that stuck out was just watching the first breaking segment that Danny and David did in David's room. It was so compact, yet they did make the best of it and didn't end up banging into any walls or anything. Another would be first time seeing Sheng's 90 and turtles. I was amazed. But then everyone has defining moments of when they said, "Hey breaking is pretty cool" like when they finally hit their signature move. Like Danny spinning on his 90 after nearly stopping in mid air. Or Wilson hitting his t-flare into a headspin after trying it since the first breaking tape. Mine was after Sheng's cousin's birthday party we were going to go to, but ended up going heading back to his house to break. In his living room when the camera's weren't moving, I went from a 90 drop to hella spins on my head. They said that it was 2 rounds and it looked like I was going in slow motion. Of course the performances were pretty big moments in everyone's minds.

    ABD means a lot of different things to whoever you ask, but deciphered anyways and it'll always come back meaning a breaking group. Although yahoo.com and some other search engines won't list this site yet darn it. Some might or think of it as a hang out spot with a bunch of guys that happens to break, an outlet for creative expression since all other dance forms seem kinda girly or maybe they wanted to belong. Not as in a gang, but as in a close nit group of people where you can tell them how you feel and offer up such weird dance move suggestions, most people will laugh. We all care about each other, when attempting a dangerous move, we usually got each other's back in case something happens so we know how to catch him. Unless that person keeps that move to himself and just does it. I guess it's always good to be shocked once in a while, it keeps everybody on their toes and keeps thing interesting. In ABD everyone has a hero and we pretty all much agree easy roc kicks ass since he was the most prolific breaking in freestyle session. We are still hypnotized by what we saw in the video "It's like that", by Run DMC, although those moves are within our reaches soon. We just need more practice.

    I'm cool now with all this breaking that's within me now. Whenever I see someone do a halfassed windmill, I can either show them up or just smile knowing that I'm better than them and therefore have nothing to prove. Unless someone calls me out to do something, then I might have to do it then.

    There might still be things that can never be done even though we might've imagined would've been cool if possible. Like carrying on a conversation while headspinning or while t-flaring remove your shirt. Sheng proved us wrong when he talked on the phone while doing a 90. Or doing a 90 to a hydro on grass with no shirt on.

    I've seen a lot of moves that when I try to explain to other people, they think I'm kidding them or something. Like the dude that did a K kick on his elbow, or dude doing a t-flare and then taking off his cap and putting it back on, or dude doing elbow flares. Probably the first move that mystified me was when it looked like dude was frozen in a 7 shape, which I now think is a K, but I'm not so certain. I still like to see a K into a 90 done correctly, but even ugly ones look good. The current thing that amazes me is the dude that hydroed out of his shirt then hydroed on his side. Or dude doing a headspin and then took off his shirt in midspin. The thing that probably tops it all is dude headspinning then zipping off his jacket, then taking off his shoes, putting the shoes on his hands and then falling into a t-flare and then a turtle. Seeing those things being done in real life is especiallay entertaining. Like the first time I saw a t-flare to air track combo or the t-flare one way, then t-flare another. Much like the way someone feels when they see someone doing some tight popping in real life.

    I sorta agree with David when he said that "ABD ain't no fucking family...we're just a bunch of people that break together." But no matter how much you say that you aren't gonna get close to something like this, you inevitably do. You start caring and understanding for each other, no not in the gay way, but like as friends that share a common goal. Like basketball players on a championship team. They might hate each other to death off the the court, but when they're on the court, they act like they're cousins or even brothers. Entertain the crowd, exercise, enjoy music, watch breaking videos, soul train, exchange breakdancing clips on our computers, that's what we're all about. You know, people sharing common interests.

Last updated 7-06-01

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