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from dribbleglass.com

What I hate and I'm sure ABD hates:

  • Hard breaking surfaces
  • People that sweat a lot and then ask to borrow you beanie, then you get your beanie back it has hella sweat inside, so you're like what the hell and all that dude is like, " My Bad ".
  • Biters. Yes seeing a move done then doing the same move but doing it badly is called biting, especially when someone just did it and you just performing after him.
  • Fakers. You always see them, ones that be like " oh I can do that " and basically try to hooride our spot that we're breaking at. The really courageous ones just come out and spin on their feet or something and gets people to laugh at them.
  • People that have their driver side doors hella wide open on a busy street. You can be driving then see a door hella wide open asking for you to rip it open with the front of your car, so you got to switch lanes just to avoid hitting it.
  • www.bboy.com. Damn him, I sent for the Freestyle Session 3 breaking tape and after hella emails, I get it like 6 months later. But it's not number three, it's number two. And Freestyle Session two is the first breakdancing tape that ABD ever got so I was (still am) pissed. And that dude still hasn't returned none of my emails either. Damn him.
  • Commentators. You know the type. The ones that kick it at the sidelines, looking like they're ready to go in, but they never do. When you mess up, they laugh and/or give comments on how to do it better even though they break dance like a one legged person. They sometimes also dress like a breaker too, or a "raver" as everyone calls them now or a "houser" that someone called me 3 months ago, even though that word hasn't been used for 3 years already.
  • Haters that mess with you while breaking whether it's trying to hit you while you're hitting a windmill or doing something distracting that leads you to mess up and look bad. It's funny the first time, but after the third time, then it just becomes childish.
  • Stupid people that be coming up to me and saying, "Hey Ivan, go and bust a move." And they're serious about it too, even if we're in a crowded hallway, or in class, or at a park or even a library. That's like walkig up to a boxer and saying, "Hey, punch me. Show me what you got...yeah Tyson, bite my ear off." Or going up to a serial murderer and saying, "Hey, kill me, show me your skills man, you say you're so tight, now prove it." Or even going up to a rapist and be like, "Hey, rape me, right now, in front of all these people and then you can find somebody to battle with and then rape me some more."
  • Girls that have have more hair on their bodies than us. For example more arm hair, leg hair, facial hair and even chest hair. What the fudge is wrong with today's society? Is it the protein in the meat? Is it the "corn" in corn pops? Is is the bubbles in Pepsi? Is it the ash from the fireworks? Or could it be the radiation from the cell phones? What?

What I like and most of ABD likes:

  • Breaking, breaking videos, breakdancing on cement floors, breaking on tiles, breaking in hallways, breakdancing shows, breakdancing websites
  • When you download a music video onto your computer it has a message on the bottom left corner saying something like "Online request, from AznBabyGurl"
  • Capoeira
  • Freestyle/Breaking music
  • Car shows
  • Jack In the Box food
  • Cybertek anything
  • Bust a Groove 1 and 2 (It's a video game, look it up)
  • Playstations and Nintendo 64's
  • Fast and nice cars
  • The LD (Lumpy Donut) girls
  • A warm blanket
  • Glowsticks and anything that glows in the dark
  • Aol and AIM
  • Gummi bears/licorice/peanut butter m&m's
  • Girls

Last updated 6-07-01

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