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         For no reason at all, I thought I would add pictures from the first "Young and Dangerous" movie. Please enjoy.

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Links to other websites

  • You Might Be Chinese If...
  • You Might Be Korean If...
  • You Might Be Vietnamese If...
  • You Might Be Filipino If...
  • You Know You're Korean If...
  • You Might Be An Asian Girl If...
  • Which Asian Category Do You Fit In?
  • How To Tell If You're At An Asian Party
  • List Of Malls In The Bay Area
  • Who Needs Glow Sticks?
  • Pickup Lines Used By Asians.
  • How To Tell If You're The Perfect Asian Person
  • 10 Ways To Please Your Korean Boyfriend
  • Does size matter for an Asian Guy?
  • NewsWeek Says Asian Guys Are The Shit Man!


    Links to ABD members sites

  • Danny/D-Flare's site
  • D-Flare's Myspace page
  • Bizzy Legz/Wilson's site
  • Psycho/David's site
  • Rice Burner/Daniel's Myspace page.


    Links to other people's sites

  • Dawson's Creek Forums
  • Greatest Simpsons Page Ever
  • Great J fansite. Music Vids And Talk Show Clips
  • Dawson's Creek fansite With Lots Of Vids
  • Eurodanceplayergroud.com. Lots Of Electronic Music Videos.


    Links to Asian orientated websites

  • Importculture.com. Import Carshow Pics And Stuff.
  • Goldsea.com. Forums About Growing Up Asian In America
  • solid07.net. Very Good When Updated
  • Visual Azn Vids. The Place For Kpop/ Jpop/ Cpop Music Vids.
  • Lovehkfilm.com Reviews Chinese Movies So You Won't Waste Your Money.
  • Friendster.com. Fun For The First Week Or So
  • Latest SES Videos To Download.
  • myspace.com. Like Friendster But Lets You Use Html Everywhere.

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