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  • ABD Greatest Hits Vol.1. (approx. running time 90 mintues)
  • ABD Vol. 2 " The Saga Continues " (approx. running time 105 minutes)
  • ABD Version 2.01 " The Saga Still continues " (it's ABD Vol.2 but with 15 more minutes of us breaking)
  • ABD Bizzy Legs Sendoff (approx. running time 35 minutes)
  • ABD Deep Flare Sendoff To College (approx. running time 55 minutes)

    ABD Produced Car Shows
  • Import Autorama At S.F. Cow Palace 4/24/99 (approx. running time 55 minutes. And bonus footage of a private ABD breaking session.)
  • Import Jam At S.F. Fort Mason 6/13/99(approx running time 270 minutes. It contains footage from 3 cameras. Non special edition.)
  • Import Autorama At S.F. Cow Palace 9/18/99(approx running time 85 minutes. Plus an extra 10 minutes of the infamous Fox Files report about drag racing.)
  • FAIME Import Fest at Sacramento, a one hour thirty minute drive from Oakland, 7-22-00(approx running time 76 mintues of the best carshow footage up to date.)
  • International Car Show At S.F Moscone Center 11/24/00 (approx running time of 12 minutes.)

    Miscellaneous Other ABD Produced Products
  • RBZ Presents "Racing Ain't A thing"(approx running time 150 minutes.)

    Remarks Regarding RBZ Tape
             Remember that horrible "Spiderman" cartoon that used to be on? Once when he couldn't take a day off as Spiderman to care for his sick aunt May, he said, "it's funny how I can go save the world a million times over, but when I need some help, there's no one there for me." Sometimes I feel that way.

             Only ended up selling out 6 or 7 copies of the RBZ video, have about two extras with me. The rest are off somewhere in the world, hopefully copied and distributed somewhere where people need quality entertainment about people they don't know

             So the world waits in anticipation for the next RBZ tape and I can tell everyone to go enjoy the original some more because the second one won't be coming out soon or anytime in the future.

             Now that I've read some low budget independent movie making books, I realized I was wrong and shouldn't have charged for the videos. For no-budget productions, at the end of the shoot, everyone involved will get a copy of the movie, no money exchanged. I should have done that and continued making videos through donations if people liked it.

    How I Became A Director/Producer/Editor
             Some people wonder why I edit tapes like this under the name of ABD productions. Actually no one asks me that, but I sometimes ask myself that when I'm bored or about to put some footage together for the next mix tape. I guess it all stems back to eleventh grade. For the final project in french class, we had to do a presenation all in french, but the catch was that we could either do it in front of the class or present it on video tape. Which of course everyone decided to do it on tape. Some how it was on me to tape it, edit it and make it look presentable. But the original concept got lost as we merged with another group and the original wonderful story concocted by me and Le Thuy got turned to fuzz by Tutram and her ideas. It basically amounted to 3 scenes, one at Lake Merrit, one at Tutram's house and the final one at school. It was my first time doing anything of that nature, I didn't even know I could've used to pause button when recording to make the recording even more seemless, so it ended up with scene 3 happening before scene 2 and the end of consisted of me recording a paper airplane taking off in my backyard. Not the prettiest thing to behold. It was then that I was like, "I know I can do better, I just got to prove it to myself that I can". And I did.

            When it was on me again to record the first ABD carshow, the end product was alright. I did a luckluster premiere of it at Tan's house, got criticized by the 20 minute cage dance sequence that was boring and interesting at the same time, like seeing a ugly girl with a nice body, you're intrigued, yet put off at the same time, but still you keep on looking. So it was no surprise when I wasn't able to sell the tape for the intended $5. Then I learned all my mistakes and managed to make the next car show tape, Import Jam a success selling 5 or 6 copies of it for $8 a piece. All the time learning my lesson that funny sells. By then I had an idea and seeing how Danny wasn't going to put ABD vol. 2 together, I did. I was amazed at how good it all came out, I had to tone it down for version 2.01, but it still came out pretty entertaining with some Southpark gags and many numerous pokes of humor at ourselves. After two more car shows and one finished RBZ tape, I'm very proud of all the success I've been getting and I hope I get many more opportunities to do more tapes. Again look out for ABD vol.3 coming from Danny some time soon and the next RBZ tape, "Can't Stop Racing."

            If you're curious about commenting on the first ABD video, contact Danny by yelling at him from a moving car. Sorry, none of the tapes are not for sale or rental unless you beg really loud and pathetically. Even then I wouldn't let you view it unless we're hella close and can trust you from not laughing at us really hard.

            Update. No RBZ volume two will ever be out. I only had enough footage for about a 30 minute video. Then everyone tried to be stupid on purpose instead of letting it happen. I believe that was also what brought the TV series Jackass to an end. Plus there were no girls in the video. Some, but not as much as RBZ volume one's intro. People were self conscious of how they would appear in the next video so they made sure to appear to be a better person on camera and save the ridiculous antics when they were sure the camera was turned off. I guess I could make a "where are they now tape", but that would only be fun for five minutes. I found out that when there is no clearly defined bad guy in the group, someone has to fill in and take over the role whether they want to or not.

    Last updated 6-12-06

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