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Finally...New Pics!

Will the world ever know what Shirley looked like two years ago?
Barnes and Nobles suck. Their bags I mean.

    AYPAL Pic
    ... From around 2000 outside OASES center.

    Another AYPAL Pic
    ... Shirley took these pics, that's all I remember other than these stupid poses.

    Shirley hiding again
    ... Actually she's like this in real life too, she always walks around with a bag in front of her face with two holes cut out so that she can see where she's walking to.

    Wow, the bottom of my foot is so cool.
    ... We must have done this pose four times back and fourth with this one being the end result. Published in the April 2002 issue of the CSUH Pioneer newspaper.

    Am I wearing a sweater or is my chest really that hairy?
    ... That's me in the middle surrounded by my fellow Capoeira classmates right before we're about to perform in the June 2002 "Carnival" parade in San Francisco's Mission district. Parking sucked.

    Daniel really digs chubby chicks
    ... From a window ledge watching the "2000 Chinese New Years Parade" in San Francisco. I was in the far right, but I cut myself out because I looked retarded. Parking still sucked.

    RBZ around 1999 or 2000
    ... Yep, just hanging out at Jack In the Box parking lot watching cars go by. Not the biggest highlight of my life.

    Our best "Korean Gangster" pose
    ... Yeah, well, you would try to look pretty tough too after having all those girls saying no to you when you asked them for a dance. AYSC dances belongs to teenyboppers and 21 year olds guys that like 15 year old pink meat

    What is the meaning of this pic?
    ... Me and my brother jumping over some flowers over in lovely Ontario, Canada. French speaking girls turn my pages.

    Am I on "The James Kennedy Experiment"?
    ... I hope his picture turned out ok so that he can make a Chirstmas card out of it.

    This is how we want to remember things.
    Old pic of ABD and LD from 1999 I believe

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