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Grr baby, grr.

         First of all thanks to all of ABD and LD old and new. We started as breakdancing/dancing partners and ended up as friends, for the most part... Of course I got to dedicate a little part of this to Penina for opening doors for us. Although I don't see her much, she was the one that let ABD perform at OACC twice... To all the breakers that came before me. Especially that one dude I saw at an AYSC dance that did what looked like a number 7 pose. That stuck in my mind and later evolved to my ever increasing interest in all things involving breakdancing. Although it may have been a K pose that he did, the show he put on did leave an impression in me... To the people that wanted to see the Oakland High Breakdancing Club go to happen. And it did, it's the claimed first official Beakdancing club backed by a teacher in California... And I can't forget the maker of the video "AKA Don Bonus". Which is about a dude and the trouble he goes through, like his brother going to jail, his senior ball, being put on hold on 911 and other stuff. I think that movie stuck an idea in me that later on bred the video "RBZ-Racing Ain't A Thing". Thanks dude, sorry I didn't get to talk to you that one time you was at OACC. Keep it up.

         I might as well have love for the haters too. I know that I might not be the best breaker out there, but when I'm out there, it's just to have fun, when people starting saying, "You suck" and tell you to stop the hurting, that's just wrong... To ***** because he was the one that pushed me during a basketball game and subsesquently forced me to think about whether I have the healing power of Wolverine. Which then lead me to an empty spring break watching all the old breaking tapes and even ABD vol.2 trying to think of what my injury meant because I couldn't even walk but I was once able to attempt all those crazy breaking moves. I had been thinking of quitting breaking before since it was getting less fun, but kept at it since Danny continued calling me out to break and there were always moments where I just felt like breaking. But during that time I couldn't walk for 3 weeks all I thought about was training like a boxer so I could whoop his ass once I could stand on two legs. Never did I think about going out to break once I was healed. And when the sound of loneliness was all I heard during that time, I decided then to stop while I was sort of ahead. So it's like the same position that Stone Cold Steve Austin is in. Has he ever forgive the person that did a piledriver on his neck injuring him enough to miss out a year from the wwf while at the same time watch everyone else blow up and not give a damn while he was out? Well, at least he got his millions of fans and his money from wrestling, but still. Anyways, so thanks *****, you're the one that caused me to stop breaking.

         Of course I have to leave shout out to all the movies and tv shows I've seen in the right moment of my life to change me. Sometimes these characters on the tv screen seemed more real than the people I regularly interacted with:

    - Young and Dangerous (Gangster Chinese Movie)
    - Fight Club
    - American Beauty
    - Good Will Hunting
    - Meet Joe Black
    - Initial D (Racing Anime)
    - (My first uh, grown up movie)
    - Monkey King (Stephen Chow Chinese Movie)
    - Boogie Nights (My favorite movie)
    - Escaflowne (Huge robots Anime)
    - Boyz in the Hood
    - Malcom X (That part where some guy calls him a "Mama's boy" and then Malcom hits him over the head with a bottle and says, "Don't you ever talk about my mama." Later he smiles it off like that was normal. That was cool.)
    - Menace to society

    TV shows
    - Southpark
    - Simpsons
    - Family Guy
    - Friends
    - Married with Children
    - One episode of Full House
    - A couple episodes of Boy Meets World
    - Dawson's Creek
    - Buffy The Vampire slayer
    - Grosse Point
    - Robotech (I still remember that guy dying)

    Music Videos
    - Yoo Seung Jun "Na na na"
    - Yoo Seung Jun "Passion"
    - Position "I love you"
    - Turbo "Tonight"
    - Rocafella Skank "Right here, right now"
    - Drunken Tiger (All their videos)
    - J "Baby Tonight"

Last updated 11-08-01

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