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From 12-24-00 to 12-01-99

         Hi everybody. I know it might seem like a weird date to be updating but I just got my computer up and running after two weeks of being offline. I'm gonna get that DSL line next month or something so Merry Christmas to me. I tidied up the Links page a bit, added some more stuff for the Little Known Facts part of the page, took off someone'e name in the intro before this one, changed the Shoutouts page since I had the last one for about a year I think, changed all the pages colors and added the floating balls on the intro and outro(links) page.... I got my green cord in Capoeira two weeks ago in Palo Alto. Which means I now know ten Capoeira movements instead of just faking them. And I'm thinking of persuing the next level which would be a green and yellow cord the next time it's offerred at Cal State Hayward. The event was pretty cool, had like little 8 year olds trying to kick each other, it was cute to say the least. And one 12 year old was actually sliding on his head like two inches. There was everyone there from the mom/daughters and father/sons out there getting their belts that day. It wasn't that off the hook with backflips off the roof or four rotation 90's, it was just for a family audience, but my teacher kept it entertaining for us with jokes once we realized that the hyped vegetarian feast wasn't as good as he claimed.... Know what? Holidays always make me sad, I never had someone to kiss during New Years Eve or someone to wake up to on Christmas morning so, hey girl in the Abercombie and Fitch store in Stoneridge that was with your friend that said, "Excuse me" to me on friday, call me. I still intend to go to the Harmegeddon rave on new years although I haven't bought a ticket yet or I can just gamble the night away... And the counter is at 1330. Sweet dude. Drive safely now.

         I added a better ending to the intro on the intro page, updated Defining Moments, added more pick up lines in the links section, updated the member bios again with their current status and other stuff. I can't believe I left the ages on there incorrectly for so long. I was 17 in my bio for like 6 months even though I wasn't. Added an entry to the Other ABD's Online, because we are getting fame. Also added some more video descriptions in the ABD Videos section even though those are very late coming, but none the less, I still have to put down the history of ABD somewhere. Well Henry and Hoong left for the navy already. Henry will be back next month and both will be back for Christmas break so probably have a bbq or eat dinner at a fancier higher class Jack In The Box or something.... College is cool. But damn it, nobody respects my authoritay on the freeway, highway, city streets and while parked. Darn school buses cut me off, E-classes, Passats (a lot of them like to cut me a lot too for some reason), darn big trucks that carry those long metal pipes, rusted station wagons, Metros, Asian people driving Hondas and Acura's respect my authoritay, but now crazy folks in Jettas, jacked up trucks, those big suvs (with their explosive tires) and those darn Saturns (which are like everywhere at Hayward), they really don't understand that this is the fastest that I can go in my Jeep without falling off a cliff. Fudging Buggies and 5.0's cut me off man, I'm starting to see why Honda drivers want to be Mustang killers, but Camaros are cool with me though. Darn crazy people with the tires fatter than the cars driving in those trucks, vans and Tercels really scare me because, well, that is hella illegal and two, they drive like they're in a video game. So in closing... somebody respect my authoritay god damn it... I added this webpage to my school page link so hopefully there will be more traffic around here. And as always, if you are seriously bored, I sprinkled a lot of pics on this site, some in the bios, likes/dislikes, performances, videos descriptions, intro, updates, just keep clicking on every link that you see here because each one serves a purpose.

         I have a minor update this time.... Added "Speeding" and "Best Malls" articles and I also updated the "Raving" and "Pick Up Lines" articles to include more info that I found online.... Changed all the hidden messages and changed the "splash" message to this site. Which kind of contradicts what this site is sort of about. ABD has just come down to the remaining few that has chose to stick with it. Me, Danny and Sheng. There isn't much to represent when you don't go out and practice as much. But it's not like we ever did make the big t-shirts and stickers that said "ABD", we just kept it on the low waiting until we were hella good so then we could blow away people's preconception of what is good break dancing. Sometimes I'm scared that this is all that's remaining, that this is the only thing that's keeping the ABD legacy living rather than the words "ABD" crudely written in permanent marker on my bowling t-shirt. Danny sometimes practices by himself and with Johnson and Sheng comes out whenever he can, but with different colleges separating everybody it's not the same when all we needed to do was call people or page people and get them all together under one roof and break. So much has changed that it's not what it was. When we do get together to practice it's more like a high school reunion than a hardcore breaking session that everyone has in mind. We're like the people that race dragon boats, we're doing it to honor the idea, the embodiment of a tradition that has been handed down to us over the generations, rather than actually having a practical use for it. I, at least, feel like it. Sometimes you just got to let things go. Like I said in the intro, it really feels like an ex-girlfriend, but I think I've finally met someone else. Which is why I was reluctant for Danny to start printing up shirts, I had doubts that bright logo's might bring back the idea of a friends breaking under dim lights and rave music. I mean, look, even LD split in half, one side being Alpha Omega and the other side being Exposure. And RBZ ain't even the same, I can't even romanticize the idea that it was as cool as it appeared in the RBZ tape. Henry wanted to see another RBZ tape cranked out before he left to be someone's beach in the Navy, but he's in boot camp now and I only have 1 hour and 10 minutes of footage that doesn't need any editing yet. Plus I feel left out like that ugly dude from IMX / Immature, no one tells me anything until I see something that's out of place then find out that it's been like that for a month or longer like that.

         Purely pictures. Just updated the pic page, added new SES pic to Sheng's bio and changed a couple of hidden messages around this page. I'm also retiring from break dancing, wrote that in my bio. Ivan's ABD Breakdancing Site finally is in http://www.yahoo.com/ but they have me under the old domain name and their instructions on how to change the site's url is mindnumbinhly simple yet they won't let me correct it. Added a brief intro onto the videos page and in some time soon, I think I'll be able to upload videos, but so far I've only been able to record video but no sound. I can hear it, but I can't record it. Really weird. Probably in another 2 months when I get my new computer, I'll upload whatever clips I want to up here. I just got accepted into Hayward State, so I will be going "Whoosh" all the way there on the freeway now. I also changed the mission statement in the intro/splash page. All of this you need to check out. Um, also changed all the links so that they all are all the same color on all the pages. I also got 4 copies of RBZ left for the sale price of $5. That is it. Later yaw.

        So what's up everybody? I moved everything from http://pages.whowhere.com/ over to here because I can't edit my page over there since they said they'll be closing shortly, but all the graphics still work. And also like the other domain, this site will still have lil secrets like hidden pages and hidden messages that no one knows about unless I tell them. I'm still waiting on my brother to scan up the latest ABD pics that Cordless Cordova hasn't gotten around to scanning for 3 months and I hope for that to be up shortly. And of course the side navigation bar, took me a while to figure it out, but it all works. Added one more entry into the Like/Dislike page for no reason. No matter how long it's been since I graduated from high school, I still feel like that Tupac song where he said, "Fresh out of jail, out on bail, California dreaming, as soon as I step on the scene I'm hearing hootchies screaming..." And for everybody not knowing that should know, the RBZ tape is out and is ready to be distributed and sold after my vcr can crank out enough copies. Also for sale is the newest ABD produced car show tape "FAIME Import Fest" Featuring Sasha Singleton...Nikki Cash...and Lindsay B.

         Yo. I haven't been able to add any real ABD group pics or anything yet because stupid Cordova haven't scanned it yet for like 2 months now because he's too busy spiting into your burgers at Burger King or something. I updated the Performances part of the page with like pics and update on what's up there. Changed the Members Info part so that all the pics you click on now pop up into a new window so you don't have to wait for it to load before you go off and continue reading. I added a bgirls page since I was like bored and thought this would be interesting for guys and girls alike to see. Also added minor stuff to the ShoutOuts page and Likes/Dislikes page, I haven't really finished it yet. I'm tired. Taking drafting fundamentals at Laney is alright, I'm doing lettering right now so that my handwriting will look like I type with pencil. Fudging boring so far, but I need this class in order to get into the more fun things like drawing houses or cars. Gee golly gosh darn it. Yes graduate now and in my off time I hope to get more tape so I can put "RBZ presents..." together before Hoong and Henry get sent off to the Navy to go wash their toilets with their toothbrushes and before everyone else goes off and becomes either a jiggalo or a male stripper. Sorry Hoong that I got to take the pics of Daniel from your site, you like sorta did the same to me. Anyways, ok, I'm outty, sign my guestbook on the way out alright? I need more things to read besides what I put up on this site. Later.

         I've been adding little stuff to the site for a while now, but it's nothing major. Graduation is in one week and senior ball passed last week. I got it on tape so part of it will be on both "ABD vol. 3" and "RBZ's presents...". You can check out some of the ball pictures on Electrifying Eric's site but he doesn't have any pics of me there because he's a jabroni, just kidding. He's actually a jabroni spelled backwards, which makes him a inorbaj. And well, 3 out of the 4 people were at the latest OACC show, but we were in the audience. There was like 2 acts there that was also featured on the other ABD's coverage of "Import Jam 99"...Cool, I found out how to be a Ho for the Ho-train at http://www.wwfhotrain.com/. Why doesn't all the pictures of Buffy(Sarah Michelle Gellar) look as good as she looks on tv? Why does T.T.M.A. mean Taste The Maximum? Why do some people act like they've never seen an Asian person before, jaws would be all on the floor like Pam and Tommy just bursted in the door and he started whooping her ass worse than before their first divorce (oh no)...And yes Lupe, in the song "Real Slim Shady" he says that Christina Aguilera did give him a V.D., not Kim like I originally thought. Ooops.

         What's up? Added more links to the link pages, some more Asian Orientated themes since that's the only thing I can find useful besides music videos online. Updated Bios again, nothng major, just added more text to where I thought was skimpy...In one week the performance will be underway. Will ABD be penciled in at the last moment? Can we still do it in one days notice. (We are cool if we can)...Oh yeah, big congrats to the new singing crew on the comeup here, S(hirley)L(ily)K(arina). Also knows as SLK, not to confused with the Mercedes' S(porty)L(ittle)K(ompact), it's pronounced Silk...I prefer velvet, and so does everyone else, but you know, it doesn't matter what the name is. They just had their first show this Saturday, tickets were on sale for $10 at the door...Finally got 900 hits on this page. Thanks everyone...Senior ball is coming on the 2nd and my birthday is coming 4 days afterwards on the 6th. And day after that is my finals at Oakland High. Pretty cool huh?

         Hello there. I added my best breaking clips I could find on the internet onto the page. I also added some celebrity pictures because I was like, "What the hell", and did it. If yaw want it taken away or if you want to send me some better ones you have been hiding from me send it here. I also put the link of this webpage in my senior will, so some curious O-High people should visit my page when they read the monthly Aegis newspaper next month. And remember, if you want to have an easy break up with your girlfriend, just give her a bottle of pills simply labeled "Fat Busters"...But don't tell her that Ivan told you to do it or I might have to get my dog on you.

         Added small stuff. Changed the links a little bit. Now everything on this webpage that I can control has a navy blue background and white text...Never pick a fight with a hungry dog, they'll always take a big bite out of you. Also, never buy anything that says it's 50-70% off retail price, chances are they're too ugly to be sold full price. Always dress like dude from the movie Matrix, no one will ever mess with you if you do. And no matter how nice someone acts to other people, that doesn't guarantee that they'll be nice to you.

         I added the update page and fixed some big typos around the page. Added previews to some future ABD produced tapes. I also got word my ankle injury will heal in one week and my wrist will heal in 2 weeks. Will I still be able to perform? Will ABD be able to pull off another performance in a short amount of time with one member missing but with others taking my place? Who did kill Mr.Burns? Will the Senior ball suck? Who was that girl that was on Smackdown? What will happen if you try to burn jello? Why does FinKL mean Fine Killing Liberty? Will the racing group be named N.I.R or C.S.R?

        Today was supposed to be the day that there was a fight at the breaking circle at Oakland High. That's just wrong, here we're just trying to unite people by breaking and someone just got to come along and mess up the fun, I know the breaking isn't so good there but damn dude...I think the people that got messed with were some visiting breakers too. The upstairs hallway was empty when I went there, but I was told it's quiet now since there's no more music. On the plus side, today is the day that I find out the S.E.S girls are only 18, with Bada being the exception being 19.

         I converted this page from the original format to the ABD homepage since I thought it'd be cool. I'm not so sure about the date but I think it should be around december or january. I feel like I've been working on this page for too long already.

         This sayuhhh page was made to talk about current events that never did catch on. Only got 300 hits after 2 years

Last updated 7-09-01

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