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Other People Representing ABD

        I was curious as to what other kinds of ABD out there, so I went to yahoo.com and looked for just "ABD". I found some interesting stuff. Some people's last name is something like Muhammed Abd and sometimes they just give me words like "ABDominals" or something. A week after we established ourselves as ABD, I found out that www.abd.com was some kind of computer hardware or software thingie and I was like thinking, "Damn, we're not original anymore". And then 2 months after that, I began reading some old issues of "Sport Compact Car", I saw that they were fixing up an old school Golf. On the back it had a sticker saying, "ABD version 2.0". I was like, "Aw, there goes ABD racing." That ABD stood for AutoBaun Designs. I was like "Oh fudge", I was so hoping that they didn't have any other breakdancing group floating around calling themselves ABD. So far, I haven't seen any, but here are some of the more interesting uses for ABD I did find:

  • http://www.abdservices.com   Accounting/Income Taxes, Bookeeping, Data entry services
  • http://www.abdtech.com/pos.html  ABD Technologies, Inc. is a communications technology product and services company.(read: sells old cell phones)
  • http://www.abddevelopment.com  Sells houses in Orlando, Florida. It's signature saying is "Door to a better lifestyle"
  • http://www.a-b-d.de/home_d1.htm  Allgemeine BüroDienste GmbH seit 1981. I have no idea what this is.
  • http://www.cultural-expressions.com/abddef.htm  Africa By Design. It's a book store
  • http://www.cs.indiana.edu/docproject/handbook/section1.9.0.4.html  The ABD syndrome, "ABD's" (All But Dissertations), is when there's other factors that stops PhD candidates from finishing their dissertations.
  • http://www.cybersure.com  ABD Insurance and Financial Services. They never do tell you what their accronym stands for.
  • http://www.well.com/user/abd   is Andrea Bragg Designs, who is a clothing designer.

          Now what have we learned from all this? Well, now we know that ABD is worldwide. It's corporations, small businesses, race cars, people, mispellings of bad and it's also the beginnings of the word abduct, abdicate and a common mispelling of the word and. All that from just going to two seach engines. Imagine the possibilities if I went to all of them and seached, actually, don't.

    Last updated 10-09-01

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