You are one of a kind.
You are part of my body and the inspiration of my soul.
I remember the day I first met you.
Something happened to me.
I could not control my emotions,
My mind, my body, and my soul
were totally captured by your fleeting presence,
And my heart which is the kingdom of my body,
signalled me to go for it.

I honor you Sweetheart, with every breath I take.
I love you, and wish I could find a word other than 'love'
which would show the depth of my love for you,
but I have not succeeded yet.
You are truly the other half of me.
I feel we were brought together,
and will soon be joined together, by a 'divine power'.
Because I firmly believe that God knows,
I cannot live without your love.

Physically and emotionally, You touch me with your eyes,
when I think of you,
Every inch of my body and soul starts to quiver,
So imagine what happens to me,
when you actually touch me and make love to me.
When You and I lock our bodies and souls as one.

Darling, without commitment
you can not learn to care for another person more than yourself.
So I commit myself to You.
But we must learn the 'Roles in making our partnership work.
We must also know that love alone is not enough,
and without trust,
we will not be able to give and to receive,
the love that both of us have for each other.

I think we should learn that our commitment,
should be transalated into a form,
that satisfies the needs of both of us.
We have to learn to value the needs of each other.
Because the partnership that we both need,
requires, two healthy and inwardly secure individuals.
This is just one of the many letters
that you shall receive from me throughout my life,
as I strive to tell you how much I love you.



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this is another very beautiful love letter, it's called Attempting to tell You how much I love You