LOVE LETTERS straight from my heart My Darling
My every breath I breathe!
My heart beats for you and I find myself falling
asleep and waking up thinking of you.
The sun shines and the sky is blue.
The birds sing to the tune
of my everlasting love for you.
I want you to know on this special day
and in doing so always remember forever,
till the end of time that no matter when,
or where each time you look around
and beyond or up in the blue sky above,
be it midnight or midday my love will always be there.
Each star you count, each song you sing.
may it bear the three magical words,
I would want to say, over and over,
and yet afraid that they may lose their magical charm
but my heart soars with love for you in undimensional ways.
If I had one wish, I'd ask for wings to fly you
to the sensational peaks and heights of my love.
I'd carry you atop my wings
and show you the flight of the Phoenix
and in doing so just maybe, you would know the depth of my love.
And if we should fall, a floating cloud would catch us
and as long as we are together
the warmth of our true love will see us through
reminding us as we go along that no matter
how hard the fall. we will survive it all,
afterall! You are my reason for living,
and you are the power beneath my wings.
So darling, let us soar like the awesome phoenix,
and dance on the cloud of love,
wrapping ourselves in the rainbows of heaven.
Experiencing the meaning and magic of...

By Camille

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