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Hello!! 2 Legged People
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I was born on the 8th Dec 2000 in Canada and exactly 5 weeks later I came to live in my new home. I have a brother who is a cat, and a sister who is a cat too
I get along so well with my family and everyone who sees me falls totally in love with me. I am taken everywhere I love to go for drives and never give any trouble. I am not afraid of anything and anyone, I even have a big dog friend called Duchess. I love all kinds of animals and will never harm kittens too. But I am a bit rough with my sister Sheba, no one knows why not even me. When I get out of hand with her she just sits on me, I can't stand that and it stops me from further pursuing her.

In the beginning I was so afraid of having a bath or for that matter wearing a colloar, especially a leash. Now I rush to the bath tub, If I have not been bathed for over 24 hours, I have to have my collar on at all times so I can be ready to leave at a moments notice.
When I go anywhere my mummy sees to it that I have everything I need to keep me happy and occupied. Snacks, water, my blankie, bones, toys, and a pillow if its a long drive.
Take a look at my famous Sister

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Meet my not so famous Brother BOGIE

My Mummy is busy designing his website.

Bogie and myself sleep together each night
Sheba likes to sleep alone. I agree I boss them around but I love them with all my heart and miss them when they run downstairs to play in the basment. I am so afraid of walking down stairs at the moment, but who knows I might just conquer that fear. Just like I did with my fear of baths, wearing a collar and walking with a leash.
This is Josie

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Before you hear it anywhere else, Hear it straight from me
I have fallen in love, with an 'older cat' and the relationship is supposedly immoral, unheard of, crazy and absolutely unnaccepted by my 'family'.
I dont understand why everyone is so upset with me. She has no home, she lives in a barn outside, she has already had 4 litters, which makes her old enough to be my grand mommy. But it gets worse in the eyes of my family. She is not beautiful in their eyes, and she is quite battered and bitten by her partner, but the worst of all is, she gave birth to Sheba and Bogie.
(like she is their biological mom)
My Mommy is their real Mom
My Mommy even feeds her and her kittens outside.
Nevertheless, I just like being around her, and spend a lot of time looking at her through the glass door. When my mom takes me out for a walk she follows me around till I get back indoors. Its just a puppy love kind of thing.
My Mom lets me get near her for a couple of seconds only, and is so upset at my choice of girlfriend. I can't see why. We just have this thing for each other. I have no intension of marrying her I just love her beauty from within.
So you see, 2 legged people, even us pets have problems like you have. If you come to think of it, we have so many types of similar problems. We have to sleep when we are told to, stay in when we want to be out. We should not be violent, loud or harm anyone. We should always be polite to our neighbors and guests. Not make a mess of the house. I can name a 1000 other similar reasons why we are so similar.

So Please treat us kindly, with love and respect, just as we treat you.
We need You just as You need Us
We give you unconditional love.
We just look different.

Thank you so very much for reading 'My life story' and do come back again to see how I am doing in life.
Updates on 'My Story' will always be available on my website.

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