You will always be a Part Of Me

Every moment that we shared together,
I learned something precious.
And that knowledge became a permanent part of me.
Though my feelings might be different a year from now,
Part of that difference, will be because of YOU.

If You were not in my life right now,
My life would miss and need, The rich and indelible input,
of your sweetness and wisdom,
Much of what I become, and change within myself
Will be a result of knowing 'You'.

I do not worry about our future together,
Since we have already touched each other's souls,
and affected each others lives, in so many ways,
We can never be totally removed from each other's memory.

A Part of me will always be You,
And a part of You will always be me.
That much is certain
No matter what happens.
We have a history which is here to stay.

"Thank You Sweetheart,
for coming into my life".

By Kristine

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