My Internet Angel

I searched the world over for a love like we shared.
Your spirit was in me, as my heart was not there.
Through the years of abuse and the hurt that I felt.
You reached through this computer, your heart I have felt.
As the tears slid like rivers, down to my breast.
Your hand was upon mine, as you gave your best.
You listened and cared for a broken heart and soul.
You mended and pampered a wounded soul.

My love I can never repay what you've done.
You helped my poor soul come back from the dead.
My life is now mine and my spirit does soar.
Your wisdom and kindness, oh does it show.
My spirit now soars as the eagles above.
My life is now mine, for the very first time.

My heart starts to sing, when I see you come near.
Your spirit is with me and your heart always near.
Oh, I love you with all of my heart, mind and soul.
You have given compassion and so much more.

I love you forever, with all of my heart.
I pray that our spirits will never part.
It's funny how one, can touch such a soul
Through a box and a screen, that looks oh so cold.

But you have done just that as you reached through the screen.
Your hand reach into my home and helped me to see.
Your love did it blossom and our hearts they did blend.
Through a world now that is known, as the Internet.

written by Linda Newton

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