ISCI 2001
Life/Earth Sciences

Dr. Don Emmeluth
Armstrong Atlantic State University
Savannah, Georgia 31419
Office Phone: (912) 344-2661

Prerequisites: One Core Area D Lab Science Course.
It may be BIOL 1107, BIOL 1108, CHEM 1211, CHEM 1212, PHYS 1111, PHYS 1112, PHYS 2211 or PHYS 2212

The textbook for both ISCI 2001 and 2002 is:
Conceptual Integrated Science by Hewitt, Lyons, Suchocki, and Yeh,
Pearson Education Inc., publishing as Addison-Wesley, San Francisco, 2007.
OnLine Study Guide for the text.

This is an interdisciplinary course for Early Childhood Education majors.
The content of the course will be based on the Georgia Performance Standards for K-5.
We will cover basic concepts in life sciences and earth sciences.

Before you begin the course it would be a benefit to read the following: "Put A Little Science in Your Life" - New York Times article

Course Content


  • Scientific method

  • Science safety

Life Science

  • Characteristics of Life

  • Biodiversity/Heredity

  • Energy Flow

  • Interdependence of Life

  • Cells

Earth Science

  • Earth Systems

  • Exosphere (Astronomy)

  • Lithosphere (Geology)

  • Hydrosphere and Atmosphere (Oceanography and Meteorology)

  • Biosphere

Course Information
Course Objectives
Grading Procedures
Lab Schedule

A second course, ISCI 2002, will cover fundamental concepts in physical science and space science.

Sites with* supplied by Class Members
Flow Chart for The Scientific Method
Notes -Energetics and Enzymes
Notes - Membranes & Transport Systems Cell Membranes
Osmosis* Cell Structure*
How Substance Get Into (and Out of) Cells Notes - Cells: Structures & Processes
Notes - Cells Biology4KIDS - Cells*
Notes - Metabolism - Cellular Respiration Notes - Photosynthesis
Genetics Tutorials Notes - Cellular Reproduction
Notes - DNA Structure and Function Notes - Protein Synthesis
Understanding Evolution
Lecture Activities 7 & 8
Lecture Activities 9 & 10 Lecture Activities 11 & 12
Lecture Activities 13 & 14PowerPoint Lectures
Brain Facts
Lab - ISCI 2001 Microscope LabCare and Use of the Microscope
Lab Practice - Virtual Microscope
Lab - ISCI 2001 Diversity Lab
Helpful Hints - Monocots vs. Dicots
Diffusion and Osmosis
Lab - ISCI 2001 Diversity Lab IILab - ISCI 2001 Genetics Lab
Lab - ISCI 2001 - Mitosis and Cytokinesis Life and Death of Neuron
Interactive Animations in BiologyLab - ISCI 2001 Senses Lab
Test for ColorblindnessTest for Colorblindness (Numbers)
Lab - ISCI 2001 Ecology Lab Lab - ISCI 2001 Blood and Guts Lab
Human Anatomy AnimationsBody Systems by ADAM
ISCI 2001 Lab Exam Review Lab - ISCI 2001 Create It Lab
Web Anatomy.netTesting Biological Molecules

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Office of Science Education - National Insititutes of Health
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The Encyclopedia of Science*
Instructor Web - Printable Lessons*
Science Buddies - A Variety of Topics*
Science and Math Information*
Instructional Materials from NABT
Essential Science for Teachers: Life Science (K-6)
USGS Science Resources for Primary Grades K-6
Elementary Science Resources from the E.P.A.
Environmental Awareness Coloring Books
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Relative Sizes of Organisms, Cells and Molecules
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