Helpful Hints
Monocots vs. Dicots

1. One cotyledon (think corn kernel)
2. Parallel leaf venation
3. Floral parts (sepals, petals, stamens. pistils) in 3's or multiples of three
4. Fibrous root system
5. Scattered vascular bundles (xylem and phloem) - generally no secondary growth (no growth rings)
6. Includes grasses, corn, wheat, rice, orchids, palms, pineapples, Spanish moss
1. Two cotyledons (think peanut, lima beans)
2. Net (branching) leaf venation
3. Floral parts in 4's or 5's, or multiples, thereof
4. Tap root system
5. Concentric vascular bundles of xylem and phloem - have secondary growth (growth rings)
6. Includes flowering plants not noted under #6 Monocots