Review Information

Review Information

ISCI 2001 Final Laboratory Practical


The following laboratory investigations will be covered on this practical exam

Genetics - be able to do genetics problems

Diversity I Cell Structure and Diversity

Diversity II Plants Vascular and Non-vascular


Blood and Guts

Ecology Lab


Most of the questions, as they were on the midterm, will be multiple choice. There will also be fill-in the blanks, matching. Labeling of diagrams and short answer questions. There will be a limited number of models or microscope slides.


Some of the following are items you should definitely know.


Be able to tell what category the organisms (Elodea, Spirogyra, Zygnema, Euglena, Paramecium, Trypanosoma) fall into. You should be able to recognize these organisms under the microscope or with a picture. Know how each of these organisms move.


Be able to match representative fungal organisms with their respective group.


Be able to label diagrams of the alternation of generations life cycle of mosses or ferns. Try the following URL.


Know the differences between Angiosperms and Gymnosperms. Know the parts of the flower and the function of each part.


Know the various parts of a neuron.


Know the parts of the heart and how the blood flows through it. Also be able to identify the parts of the urinary system and the function of each of the parts.


Know the information from the video.

More will be discussed in class on Tuesday.