ISCI 2001
Coming to Your Senses Lab





This is an online laboratory investigation that will allow you the opportunity to scan through various websites that relate to the human body and its systems. Additionally, you will have the chance to do a series of interactive experiments regarding some of your senses. During your investigation of the various sites you will find a number of exercises and experiments that can be used as is or modified for your own classroom use. Finally, this lab investigation should provide an opportunity to have a little fun and learn a few things at the same time.




1. The first site you will want to visit is the Life and Death of a Neuron.


2. Next you will go to Get Body Smart

There are a number of systems you can visit. At the very least read

through the Nervous System and the Circulatory System.


3. Next comes the interactive fun parts. Go to Neuroscience for Kids

After being amazed at all the possibilities that exist, go to the left hand

column and click on Experiment. Next click on the section that says

Brain Games. Play the following games:

a. Colors, Colors

b. Try a Brain Jigsaw Puzzle

c. Go to the Online Response Time Experiments. Do

i. Experiment 2 - Stoplight Test

ii. Experiment 3 Hit the Spot

iii. Experiment 5 Check Box Test

d. Online short Term Memory Game

e. Face Recognition Game

f. Check out the Brain Jokes


4. Click back to the previous page. If you are not sure, simply click on the

word experiment in the left hand column. Go to the section entitled

The Senses. Go to the page and click on the section about Vision. Do

the following exercises:

a. The Blind Spot

b. Depth Perception I & II

c. Shifting Backgrounds, Shifting Images

d. Go to Visual Illusion and Click on the Kids Gallery. Do both sets

of Illusions. Look at the rest of the visual illusions.


5. Go back to The Senses and visit some of the other areas. It is not

necessary to do any of the other experiments or activities unless you

want to.



Answers shall be typed or word processed. All sentences will be

grammatically correct and all words properly spelled.


1.     Define the following terms. Provide examples for each.

a.     chemoreception

b.     photoreception

c.     stimulant

d.     depressant


2.    How do drugs affect the nervous system?


3.    Specifically, how do the following chemicals affect the nervous system?

a.     caffeine

b.     cocaine

c.     nicotine

d.     alcohol


4.    Is an anesthetic a stimulant or a depressant ? Explain.


5.    How does the sympathetic nervous system react during times of stress?


Match the part of the brain or nervous system related to the activities.


Controls many internal functions during stress ___________________________


In control of the body at rest ___________________________


Sends sensory signals to the cerebrum ___________________________


Controls breathing and heart rate ___________________________


Controls memory, language and the senses ___________________________


Controls balance, posture, coordination ___________________________