ISCI 2001
Create It Lab Activity

ISCI 2001 Create It Laboratory Activity

I. Introduction


For this activity you may assume that you have available the numbers of each item that are required for your class. You may also assume that these materials were supplied by you and not from your school district budget. Lack of money is a wonderful stimulus for finding new ways to do things. It also will show you that it is not necessary to have expensive equipment and materials in order to show important concepts or principles in math and science.


II. Materials List (you may add to this list)

Popsicle sticksempty egg cartons
2 liter soda containerscontainers from V-8
plastic bag tiesempty prescription bottles
vinegarhydrogen peroxide
potatoes (starch)iodine
empty spaghetti sauce bottles coffee filters
yeastsugar or sugar substitute packets
roll of 50 penniespaper clips
string & rubber bandsstraws
empty water bottles (any brand)plastic sandwich bags
freezer bagsroll from paper towels
gelatinfood coloring


III. Assignment

You and your partner shall develop a total of 10 ideas of how to use these materials to cover a particular topic or illustrate a particular idea. For each idea you will need to give a brief description of what materials you will use and how the materials will be used to cover or illustrate the topic or idea. Below are some web sites that may useful.


This lab is worth a total of 10 points. Each idea and description is worth one of those points. It is due on Thursday, December 4th. It should be word-processed or typed and will have the names of both partners. Unless you indicate otherwise, each partner will receive the same number of points. Only you will know if one partner contributed more than the other.


Additional References