ISCI 2001 Ecology Lab

Name _______________________________________ ISCI 2001

Name _______________________________________                     ISCI 2001



 I. Questions about National Geographic Video:

    Rain Forest: Heroes of the High Frontier


 1. Why is the canopy of the rain forest called the “powerhouse” of

     the forest?





 2. How much land area did rain forest canopy originally cover?



 3. Where is one of the highest canopies?



     How tall are the trees in this area?



 4. According to the video, how do orangutans know where fruit

     trees are located?





 5. What are epiphytes?





 6.  What is a cloud forest?





 7. What is the next frontier in canopy research?




 8. What is the role of bats in the rain forest canopy?








 9. What is “Operation Canopy?” What is a canopy raft?






10. Rain forest canopy plants and insects are waging a biochemical

      war. Of what practical importance might be the poisons of the

      canopy plants have for humans?






II. Ecological Footprints


You will be calculating your ecological footprint, which is the amount of space or the environment necessary to produce the goods and services necessary to support a particular lifestyle.


a. Log onto and complete the questionnaire.


b. Record the number of acres it takes to sustain you with your

    current lifestyle and the number of Earths it would take if

    everyone had the same lifestyle.


       Acres: _______________                # of Earths: _______________


c. Go back to the questionnaire and change your answer for one

    item, then record your new results.


       Acres: _______________                # of Earths: _______________


     Which item did you choose? ____________________________________


d. List  one way you could illustrate to children in your chosen grade level

    the amount of energy they use compared to people living in other

    countries (aside from having them take the questionnaire).