ISCI 2001
Laboratory Schedule

August 17 Class Introductions and Teams;
Introduction to Lab Activities and Grading;
Go over Laboratory Safety Procedures and Materials;
Begin: Scientific Methodology and Hypothesis Formation and Testing; Graphing Exercise
August 24 Quiz #1; Scientific Methodology Lab due
Setup Experimental Design Lab
Review Microscope Structure and Function
(note online source - the Virtual Microscope)
August 31

Quiz #2; Experimental Design Lab due
Begin Microscope activity;
Review materials on Diffusion and Osmosis
September 7 Quiz #3; Microscopy Lab due
Setup Diffusion and Osmosis activities
Biochemistry Activity Online
September 14 Quiz #4; Diffusion and Osmosis Lab due
Begin Classification activities with Norns and Key Development
September 21Quiz #5; Classification Lab due
Begin Genetics work; Probability and Human Inheritance
Short Review for Lab Exam
September 28Laboratory Midterm Examination
October 5 Diversity Lab I; BioDiversity including Bacteria and Protists
October 11, 12Fall Break - No Classes
October 19Quiz #6; Diversity Lab II
October 26Quiz #7; Senses Lab
November 2Quiz #8; Blood and Guts Lab
November 9Quiz #9; Ecology Lab
November 16Quiz #10; Create-It Lab
November 23Laboratory Final Examination