Grading Policy - ISCI 2001
Fall 2010

The following grade categories and point values apply.

LectureTotal Points
3 Lecture Exams
10 Activity Sheets
Total Lecture Points
2 Laboratory Exams
10 Laboratory Quizzes
10 Laboratory Investigations
Total Laboratory Points
Additional Possible Points
10 Resources
500 Ronald MacDonald Tabs

Lecture Exams will be given as noted on the calendar and will consist of objective type questions and short answer essays. Each exam is worth 100 points.

10 Activity sheets will be chosen from all those given during the semester. Each graded activity is worth 10 points.

10 laboratory quizzes will be chosen from all those given. Lab quizzes will usually be given each lab period. Each lab quiz is worth 5 points.

A laboratory midterm and a laboratory final will each be worth 50 points.

10 laboratory investigations will be chosen from all those completed. Each will be worth 10 points and will be due one week from completion of the investigation.

240 points required to pass lecture (60% of 400)
150 points required to pass laboratory (60% of 250)

to achieve a grade of A requires 90% of 650 = 585
to achieve a grade of B requires 80% of 650 = 520
to achieve a grade of B requires 70% of 650 = 455
to achieve a grade of B requires 60% of 650 = 390

There are 10 resource points available and a maximum of 5 Ronald MacDonald points. These 15 additional points apply to neither lecture nor lab but only to your total points.