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Last Updated: 30 June 2001.
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Hogan's Heroes:

Hogan's Heroes

I shall call your two ginger snaps and raise you two coconut macaroons. (HH)

I'll call you, but you been nibblin' one of them. (HH)

Just leave that to the magic fingers of Peter Newkirk, your friendly neighborhood safe cracker. (HH)

[to safe] Hello you chubby little rascal. It's me again, the nice man with the warm hands and short fingernails. (HH)

[about safe] She'll be open in two shakes. Better make that four shakes. This lock is a little more complicated than the old one. They've done something to silence the tumblers, but ol' Doctor Newkirk has a cure for that. (HH)

(Let's talk about a girl.) Yeah, any girl. And talk and talk and talk. (HH)

I hate to say die sir, but I'd rather say it than do it. (HH)

Gin?? I got so many Kings and Queens it looks like a dance at Buckingham pallace! (HH)

[Newkirk was caught trying to get into Klink's safe, Hogan says he was trying to steal his watch] I should have that watch. My mum promised she'd get me a watch when I enlisted, and she never did. Why should *you* have a watch and not me? I should have that watch. [looks away sadly] I was promised. (HH)

I use the envelopes to cover the 'oles in me underwear. (HH)

You wont believe this, Schultz, but I'm dressed in a German uniform and I'm gonna walk right out that ruddy front gate. (HH)

You give me a ruddy shootin' pain-- (HH)

Place your bets gentlemen, there's a big winner each and every time. Pick any number you like. If you don't see one you love, we'll make one up for you. (HH)

There you are. Tell your friends where you got it. (HH)

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