~*~Dawsonizms: Richard Dawson FanFic~*~

~*~Dawsonizms: Richard Dawson FanFic~*~
Dawsonizms: Richard Dawson FanFic
Some of these contain adult situations. If you're a youngin' (under 18), then don't read the higher rated stories. As if you'd listen to me, but I gotta try. The stories are in categories based on what each one is centred around. If you have any fanfic you wanna see here, just send it to me and I'll give you credit on the page.

Submission Guidelines:

1. I'm no longer accepting photo requests for backgrounds and main photos. Just make sure you have someone proofread your story because I'm tired of making corrections. Sometimes I have no idea what something should be, because you wrote it, not me.
2. If you have a very large story, I ask that you type it up on a temporary page on your own site so I can just copy the source/HTML and paste it. I have to go through every story and put in extra things like breaks for each paragraph, and it takes a while to do it.
3. Some editing may be done by me, but nothing more than spelling and punctuation corrections. Although, I really don't have time, so I may refuse a story if there's too much that needs to be done.

Have fun!

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~*~Bring on the stories!~*~

Newkirk up to no good!


G = Suitable for all ages.
PG = Parental Guidance. Contains mild sexual references and/or mild bad language and/or mild violence.
PG13 = Parental Guidance. Contains some sexual references and/or bad language and/or violent content.
R = Strong sexual content and/or bad language and/or violent content. Not recomended for people under 18.
NC17 = Very strong/graphic sexual content and/or bad/graphic language and/or stong/graphic violence. Not recommended for people under 18.


Richard Dawson = Stories based on Richard as himself and various roles that he has played in shows/movies.
Tracy Rattigan = Stories based on the cocky, charming, flirtatious Tracy Rattigan from the Dick Van Dyke episode: Racy Tracy Rattigan.
Damon Killian = Stories based on the smarmy, evil host with an attitude character from The Running Man movie.
Coroporal Peter Newkirk = Stories based on the English soldier from the show Hogan's Heroes. Stories focus mainly on Newkirk and not the others.
Hogan's Heroes Gang = Stories based on most or all of the characters from the show about POWs in Germany.
Newkirk And Freddie = Stories based on the couple's relationship, or the entire cast with emphasis on the couple. Freddie did not actually appear on the show Hogan's Heroes, but she exists in the stories as Newkirk's love interest.

~*~Richard Dawson~*~
Richard Dawson

Acting On Break: (RATED-PG13) On the Hogan's Heroes set; Richard takes a break to create a scene with the Production Assistant.

The Late Night Call: (RATED-PG) Family Fued contestant gets a call from her dream guy.

Kilt Kapers: (RATED-PG13) Embarrassing Kilt happenings on the set of The Devil's Brigade.

The Drive: (RATED-PG13) Narrater tells of her secret meetings, and late night drives, with Richard.

Dirty Disco: (RATED-NC17) Richard and his girlfriend sneak away to the Match Game set during a disco party.

Susan's Dream: (RATED-NC17) Susan shares her detailed dream about Richard, including the night of passionate love-making.

Mysterious Girl: (RATED-NC17) Written by a guy, and from Richard's point of view, a reoccuring audience member gets to go backstage for some excitement.

A Jaguar, A Cafe And A Lot: (RATED-PG13) Richard, a girl, a Jaguar, a cafe and a romantic night.

Sweet Treats: (RATED-R) Written by a fan, this one involves Richard, a girl and some sweet strawberries.

Chance Encounter (Parts 1-6): (RATED-PG) A waitress serves her best costumer ever. They begin seeing each other and fall in love.

The Bakery: (RATED-PG13) Fan tells the story from a girl's point-of-view of how she runs into Richard at a bakery and invites him up to her apartment.

All Good Things....: (RATED-PG13) On Richard's last day on Family Feud in 1985, a love is discovered.

The Cure For The Summertime Blues: (RATED-NC17) Richard moves into the neighborhood. A black Jaguar, white pants, and a whole lotta lovin'!

Love On The High Seas: (RATED-NC17) Girl meets man on beach. Man has yacht. Girl and man cruise the open sea. Complete with sideburns, white shorts, open shirt and steamy love-making!

The Vampire: A Lust For Blood: (RATED-NC17) Richard is a vampire and must find his true love in order to live eternally.

Richard Takes A Turn For The Nurse: (RATED-NC17) If you've ever had a fantasy about makin' hey with a doctor, or roleplaying, then this is the story for you! Picture if you will, Richard from say.... MG '73. With a moustache. And longer hair. And very, very tanned. Simply yummy!

Masquerade: (RATED-G) A girl wins tickets to a masquerade ball where she meets Richard.

My Lord And Lover: (RATED-NC17) While out with his horse, Richard, Duke of Burgundy, meets a young lady.

Moving Violation: (RATED-NC17) A female police officer pulls Richard over for speeding. Things develop between them and out come the cuffs!

Whipped Cream And Other Tasty Delights: (RATED-NC17) Like whipped cream and a sexy young Richard? Then you'll love this delicious story!

Improvisation: (RATED-PG) At a dinner theatre, two girls who think they're impressive, get taught lesson by Richard and his new lady friend.

Top Gun: (RATED-NC17) Richard is a fighter pilot who has a bit of bad timing when it comes to expressing his feelings for the girl he likes.

The Spy Who ______-ed Me: (RATED-G) A woman gets emotionally involved with a spy and risks her life for love.

Snow Angel: (RATED-NC17) Takes place in the Swiss Alps. Richard meets a nice girl at the hotel and things get a little... spicy. Up in his room, things heat up as she finds him in the hot tub. A little massage therepy never hurt anyone.

Strip Poker: A Wild Pair: (RATED-NC17) Takes place just before the start of Hogan's Heroes. The reader becomes a close friend of Richard's and your friendship takes a turn in the warmer direction. You dance close together and your true feelings for each other start to surface.

Back To Nature: (RATED-G) Cheryl and Richard spend the weekend camping in the desert, a first time for Richard, and the start of a new romance.

A Love Forgotten, A Love Remembered: (RATED-G) A young man named Richard appears to Roxanne while she's visiting the mansion that was left to her by her grandparents. While having to sell the mansion, she must cope with seeing a ghost and remembering him from her past.

Man At Work: (RATED-NC17) Richard is a carpenter who finds love while building a bar by the pool.

Some Walk By Night: (RATED-G) A Richard Dawson/"Moonlighting" story in which a female detective becomes friendly with a subsitute co-worker.

Chalk It Up: (RATED-PG13) A girl working in a pool hall gets a bit friendly with Richard. Balls and cue sticks galore!

Desert Rose: (RATED-G) Some bad news from Richard causes Cheryl to come to the rescue, and in return, she gets a nice suprise. A sequel to "Back To Nature."

Surfs Up!: (RATED-NC17) Surf shop, handsome English fella, warm beach and big waves equal some wet fun and steamy romance!

The Show Must Go On: (RATED-G) A stunt chick gets her big break when she's offered a main role in the movie with a leading man who is none other than Richard Dawson.

Matinee: (RATED-G) Richard takes a girl to the movies where they have the back all to themselves.

Weird, Wish & Stupid: (RATED-NC17) Two girls meet the men of their dreams; Richard and Larry. Ups and downs come with the package, though.

A Love To Last Forever: (RATED-NC17) A high school girl realizes her love for the Vice Principal just before she moves away.

The Man For All Women: (RATED-G) A school girl meets Richard and a romance blossoms.

Coconut Oil: (RATED-NC17) Richard and Rose celebrate their one year anniversary together with some coconut oil.

White Chocolate: (RATED-G) Richard and his new girl have to deal with racism while they're together.

Can't Buy Me Love: (RATED-G) A girl bids in an auction on Richard for a date with him.

A View To A Thrill: (RATED-G) The thrilling sequel to The Spy Who ______-ed Me.

Too Much Heaven: (RATED-G) Sunny meets Richard at a disco and they attend The Rocky Horror Picture Show together.

Trust Your Heart: (RATED-G) A woman has friends, job and an apartment. Everything a girl needs, but when an actor from work shows some interest in her, past emotions and feelings come back all over again. Will she be able to overcome her past for true love?

At The Dance: (RATED-PG) A school girl finds love with the man she likes.

Titanic: (RATED-G) A story with a Titanic theme.

Someone Saved My Life Tonight: (RATED-PG) Takes place in 1969. 28-year old Stacey is dealing with the death of her boyfriend and it's presenting a mental challenge for her. While daydreaming, she runs into the back of Richard's car and they end up dating, with him helping her through her problems.

Blood Is Thinner Than Water: (RATED-PG13) Continuation of "Someone Saved My Life Tonight." In this installment, Stacey takes Richard home to meet her family, which doesn't go smoothly.

The Reunions: (RATED-PG13) Mel and Richard go first, to her family reunion, then to her class reunion. New Story!

Angela's One True Love [To be continued....]: (RATED-G) Angela and her family have been chosen to appear on Family Feud. When they do Angela finally meets the man of her dreams. Has Angela found her one true love? New Story!

~*~Tracy Rattigan~*~
Tracy Rattigan

The Eyes Of Love: (RATED-PG13) A stewardess goes to Rob and Laura's house for a party and ends up getting involved with Tracy.

French Twist: (RATED-PG13) Sequel to The Eyes Of Love. In this one, Tracy and his bride tangle with a pesky tabloid reporter and a sexy French movie star during their trip to Paris in 1965.

Time Of The Season: (RATED-PG13) Sequel to "French Twist". A TV offer leads the Rattigans to L.A., where a cheating game show contestant threatens Rob Petrie's career, and Studio 33 at Television City becomes the setting for a very unusual performance.

Just The Facts: (RATED-PG13) Tracy's guest-starring role as a crooked policeman has a surprisingly steamy effect on his love life..

~*~Damon Killian / The Running Man~*~
Damon Killian / The Running Man

Damon's New Assistant: (RATED-NC17) Damon gets a new assistant and teaches her what her new job is all about. Hands-on training.

Keeping The Ratings UP / The Ratings Boost: (RATED-NC17) Damon meets a female coworker and things go from business, in his office, to the shower.

Damon's Revenge / ICS's Least Most Wanted Man: Dead Or Incinerated: (RATED-NC17) Damon is alive and gets a little more than help from a female admirerer.

The Replacement: (RATED-PG) Damon manages to fool everyone, but a few people, including Brenda, into thinking he's dead.

A Body For The Bodyguard: (RATED-NC17) Damon gets a body guard. Will he be able to seduce her and teach her the ways of love?

Private Meeting: (RATED-NC17) A woman lands a job at ICS and has a private meeting with Damon, in his limosuine.

~*~Corporal Peter Newkirk / Hogan's Heroes~*~
Corporal Peter Newkirk / Hogan's Heroes

Bunkbed Jubilee: (RATED-R) Hogan's Heroes setting, in the barracks. Newkirk gets friendly with a visiting reporter. LeBeau gets stuck fixing a meal.

The Reluctant Hero (Incomplete): (RATED-PG13) Newkirk is sent to meet up with a female contact, Gemini, and must dodge the Gestapo and get her to the sub enroute to London. A few unexpected things happen along the way.

The Rescue (Incomplete): (RATED-PG13) The Heroes come across a wounded girl and take her back to camp. Newkirk falls for her.

~*~Hogan's Heroes Gang~*~
Hogan's Heroes Gang

3 Men And A Mae: (RATED-PG13) Hogan's Heroes setting. Visiting American journalist gets involved with Hogan, Klink, and Newkirk.

The New Arrival: (RATED-PG) The fellas at Stalag 13 get a new addition to the gang. Will he be up to sticking around?

First Mission: (RATED-PG) A soldier's first mission with the Heroes may be his last.

Things That Go BANG In The Night: (RATED-PG13) A Hogan's Heroes screenplay done by a fan. Click link for her summary of the story which leads to the story itself.

Operation Igasm: (RATED-NC17) Hogan and Newkirk agree to take Carter to a special destination.

~*~Hogan's Heroes: Newkirk And Freddie~*~
Hogan's Heroes:  Newkirk And Freddie

Hogan's Heroes V-E Day: (RATED-R) The war is over and LeBeau tells his story of the heroe's last mission together....getting Klink and Schultz safely out of Germany. Newkirk's girlfriend Freddie from Things That Go BANG In The Night is also in this story.

Hogan's Heroes Last Of The Red Hot Bombs: (RATED-NC17) Newkirk and Freddie together again, this time sneaking off into town for a bit of romance and fun. Also, a new mission for the heroes.

One Dead Fred: (RATED-G) Revision, coming soon!

Prisoners of War, Prisoners of Love (Parts 1-4): (RATED-R) Newkirk and his girl, Freddie, spend time in camp writing love letters back and forth to each other.

Newkirk Loves A Shadow: (RATED-PG13) The Heroes must get some information from a tightly secure German building. Freddie does the job getting in, but has to deal with being away from Newkirk. When she returns, they spend a little time together.

Swastikas In The Wine: (RATED-PG13) Freddie has to deal with Newkirk when he becomes the guinea pig for the German's new drug.

Into The Heart Of The Devil: (RATED-R) Newkirk and Freddie must go on a mission and get in and out of a castle to retrieve some information, but will they make it out alive in order to spend time alone together again?

A German/English Christmas or Merry Christmas, Peter... Frohe Weihnachten, Freddie: (RATED-G) Newkirk and Freddie are bummed out at Christmas time, but they cope together by attending a party in disguise, which leads to a mission, and some private caroling.

Hammerlock: (RATED-PG) Freddie must wrestle a strong German woman who plans on fighting to the death. She gives Newkirk a chance to play the hero....by having him sleep with her in exchange for sparing Freddie's life.

Hammerlock II: Saving Sgt. Milworth: (RATED-PG) The sequel to Hammerlock. More adventures for Freddie.

Prison Cells To Wedding Bells: (RATED-PG) Freddie and Newkirk return home.

A Twenty Year Love Affair: (RATED-NC17) Freddie and Newkirk prove that they're still young at heart and in love with each other.

Mirror, Mirror: (RATED-PG13) Can Freddie figure out in time that the man she's holding ISN'T Newkirk?

The Homecoming: (RATED-PG13) When all other attempts fail at bringing Freddie home, the SS and Gestapo move in. Will she survive? Will Newkirk survive without her?

The Next Battle: Parenting: (RATED-PG13) Freddie fears that a surprise "addition" to the family will jeopardize Peter's career and drive a wedge between them. Operation Wild Cat : (RATED-PG13) What happens when signals get mixed? Underground agents are left out in the open, with only one person to save them.

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