~*~Other Richard Dawson Quotes~*~

~*~Other Richard Dawson Quotes~*~

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Take me home, mate!

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Last Updated: 07 November 2001.
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Other Richard Dawson Quotes:


Have you never heard a man say goodbye? (DB)

I'm a hustler. I'm a smartass, but I love people. (Article)

About 30 million people see me every week--I'm a happy man. (Article)

I went into a 14-month funk. I absolutely wallowed in self-pity. People looked down their noses at Diana for leaving me with two young boys. But it was an act of sheer kindness. I don't know what would have happened to me without them. (Article)

I always thought there would be another lady after Diana, but it hasn't worked out that way. (Article)

A vulnerable, sweet, frightened girl. I fell madly, hopelessly in love. (Article)

I always went for the stomach [when boxing]. (Article)

Waiting out her [Diana's] labor made me a lifetime women's libber. (Article)

I abhor grades--if a child does his best, that's all that should be asked. (Article)

I've got plenty of money. The only thing missing is a lady to share it with. (Article)

I don't wanna end up, after the boys have gone, a little off my head playing racquetball against the fireplace. (Article)

[about Bert following Match Game] Well, thank you. Will you do us a favour? Stop following us. (Tattletales)

[Bert can't tell if the letter is O or D] Hold it, hold it. Who OD'd? (Tattletales)

Well, I was on a list this year. I was number one of all the people who would not be on a list. But I would say absent minded. (Tattletales)

[about having a good mind] I wonder where I left it. (Tattletales)

What did you say, Jody? How are you planning to get home after this show? (Tattletales)

And I, also probably, would ask Jody to follow her home, to see where she lived. (Tattletales)

Doggy stunts? (Tattletales)

I said that you, you would choose me because you think deep down inside that I, I'm strong and the reason I wear those dresses is just for a joke. (Tattletales)

ABC has told me that a sponsor has complained about my making anti-Nixon jokes. I would just like to say that I believe Mr. Nixon did his best to destroy this country. Mr. Nixon tried to abrogate freedom of speech, our freedom of the press. He did all kinds of dishonest things. He wiretapped people's phones. He had an enemies list. This is an occasion for crying, not really for joking. But my way, a comedian's way, is to make jokes. So, I intend to keep on making jokes about Richard Nixon. And I have one thing to say to you, Mr. Sponsor, whoever you are - don't sponsor our show. We don't need you. (Family Feud book)

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