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~*~Match Game Sounds~*~

~*~Match Game Sounds~*~
~*~Show me....SOUNDS!~*~

Take me home, mate!

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Last Updated on: 07 November 2001.

~*~Let's go! It's time to play the Sounds!~*~

~*~Match Game Sounds~*~

He took one look and said, I now pronounce you man and whatever you are.
Piiiiiiie! (High voice)
(Gene has a cold & RD asks him to honestly stay away from him)
(RD makes a comment about Bill Shatner in his Laurel & Hardy persona)
(RD reads a question for Gene about Frankenstein)
How are y'Bunky? (Silly voice)
Little hamburger. (RD does his little voice)
....Well I can explain why....Why don't we tell our wives we're in Tiawana? (Dickie is last to fill his card out & they hassle him)
Thanks for givin' me a second chance. (cute voice)
Says who?!
ZIPPER! (With Gene)
Yo man, I'm high. (Gene laughs at end)
....In fact, I was quite arroused for nearly two commercials.
....I hate it! (Gene breathes on RD & says he's gonna get the flu)
(Richard makes a noise)
(Richard Oh's over a wrong answer while leaning back in his chair)
....Wisdom tooth out through my ear.
(Richard argues with Gene over answer.)
Well, I can explain about the first time. I wasn't well.
(Richard acts like he's crying and says he hasn't had a cigarette in 6 minutes and he says Elizabeth stole his tie.)
(Gene pulls on Richard's ear like a lamp switch and Richard grabs onto him when he goes to walk away.) Don't stop now! You've made an old performer very happy.
(Boob jokes between Charles and Richard. Richard does his Laurel and Hardy impression.)
(Gene and Richard talk like a vampire to each other.)
Well, I, Nancy's so nice, I would've said 'bottom' but I was afraid I'd make an a$$ of myself.
They stole my chair.
Mother....of pearl.
(Richard mumbles an answer.)
Grass. (What's that?) Grass. (Grasshopper.)
(Richard starts singing Happy Birthday to someone)
You know some of those snakes don't even have a pit to hiss in? I wrote 'alligator.' And I have very good diction. Pair of shoes to go, please.
(Gene asks about the squeek he hears coming from Richard's chair and Richard says he sat on a seagull)
(Gene welcomes Richard) You have a cold. Get away. (Gene appologizes)
You betcha!
(Richard makes a joke about wanting to make love and his wife laughed)
(Richard messes up when he says 'Answer' and says he must get a room)
(Richard says the technical term for a lady dog and asks Betty to walk his card after the show)
Well, show us yours, and I'll uh, show toe.
The answer is orgy!
(Richard sings The Monster Mash)
(Richard does his Richard Burton impression)
This is the saddest....saddest series of actors I've ever- (Richard pretends to cry)
No, actually, you're quite right!
Sit on it!
I was there. A guy said, 'Two pounds of kiddlies please....
I think uh, it, you are allowed to ask for virginity, but it's so embarassing to say, 'I already gave.'
Something I use in bondage. A feather duster.
Fun segment with Gene, Larry, Chuck, Richard and a funky buzzer sound for Brett.