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~*~Hogan's Heroes Sounds Page~*~

~*~Hogan's Heroes Sounds~*~

~*~Show me....SOUNDS!~*~

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Last Updated on: 13 January 2001.

~*~Let's go! It's time to play the Sounds!~*~

~*~Hogan's Heroes Sounds~*~

....Sticky wickets....
(Newkirk sharing a sarcastic plan)
(Newkirk questioning his own idea)
(Newkirk's insane laugh)
Welcome aboard Stalag 13 airlines.... (Newkirk funning)
And he's got no character at all.
....I was promised....(Newkirk plays innocent when he gets caught opening Klink's safe)
Stand back y'bloody mug.... (Newkirk with an attitude)
What's a'matter chum, didn't you make it? Pity.
....MMmm, you're a real darlin', you are.... (Newkirk borrows the purse of a woman who's gagged)
....Is my mascara running? (Newkirk in drag)
Uh, my name's Rumplemeyer. Hans Rumplemeyer. (Newkirk in disguise)
'Scuse me, there's been a terrible mistake.... (Newkirk explains)
Do me a favour; you're just jealous.
Who me? Barmy! (Newkirk defending his own alibi)
....Unless they wanna play in it. (Newkirk trying to get out of snow work)
No thanks. I'll eat 'em here. (Newkirk munching flowers in bed.)