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~*~Family Feud Sounds~*~

~*~Family Feud Sounds~*~

~*~Show me....SOUNDS!~*~
Take me home, mate!

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Last Updated on: 05 April 2002.

~*~Let's go! It's time to play the Sounds!~*~

~*~Family Feud Sounds~*~

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Times up--I'm sorry! (yells at guy, FF)
You got the money, honey.
(RD says his name in a FF question)
La da de. (RD singing)
(RD clearing his throat)
Nectorine! (Funny voice)
....Turned on the BOSS! ( Silly)
....Box with a tail on it....
Neeyuh! (Silly noise)
....'Cado! (FF answer, accent)
Hello. (Says it funny)
Rrrrroooowwwwwlllllll! (Richard Growls)
(RD does his Donald Duck impression)
BAM! (RD yells 'Bam!' while slamming his hand down on the table)
....I put them with my beanies. (RD explains why he doesn't lose his shoes)
....Karen would say OK! (RD kidding)
Survey Says! (And another one)
Survey Says! (Yet another version of the famous FF quote)
Survey said! (FF, Southern accent)
La da de. (My enhanced version of RD singing)
Uh, ahem, is it there? (RD avoiding the word 'Sex')
(RD asking question in English, French, and German)
Who's wrong now smarties? Heh! (RD to audience)
....shut up Fred!
Papaya! (Silly voice)
What, *me* worry? Nonsense.... (Helium voice)
What, *me* worry? (Helium voice)
I love YOU! Rooowl!
Who's got my pickle?
Well, we've talked it over and that's all we're gonna do today. So, good-bye an we'll see you next time right here, on the Feud. (Cute voice)
I love YOU!
How the hell do I know what it said?! (About Arabic letter)
I'm starting to get aroused. (After kissing girl)
Make love! Yes! (Calling answer on FF)
....How do you feel? Not sexy, now get the hell outta here! (Richard plays air vibes)
(Richard does his air vibes impression)
You've been playing too much Pac-Man.
YOU DIRTY rotten rat. (Moderated temper)
....If you don't tell me how to get outta here, I'll shoot.
We're off to see the wizard! (Sings in helium voice)
If we had a hammer, we'd win all da money.... (Sings with girl)
How y'doin' bunky?
I've been a bad, bad boy.... (Donald Duck impression)
Survey SAID! Vavoom! (Southern accent)
Oh, I made a boo-boo! (Jerry Lewis voice)
That's absolutely super duper! (English accent)
Oh, thank you! (Jerry Lewis voice)
(Richard mumbles)
....Breakdown on the air.... (Richard loses it)
Cock-a-doodle-doo! Chicken!
Thank you. Theatre's my life. (Voice )
100 people surveyed....
Dollar values are doubled....
Dollar values are doubled.... (Reads it fast)
Dollar values are trippled.... (Grunt)
Viva la France.... (French accent)
Nature calling!
....C'mon Lizzy, let's go Lizzy.... (Heavy British accent)
Dog! (Says it long)
....Do the whole show as a person from the East.... (Indian voice intro.)
....Are they the ones with the balloon?....(Good Rich joke)
The aliens are coming.
(Richard tells a sexy/funny joke)
MWUAH! (Richard does a kiss)
How 'BOUT a jellyfish? Take a look for jellyfish! (Silly voice)
(RD does a silly voice, talks about kids)
I'm easy!
Get me my lawyer, I gotta get outta here, I'm going crazy.
Mirror mirror on the wall....
Buh bye, see you here on the Feud.
....Seven seconds to kill? OK, I think I'll kill Howard.
I want a kiss. (Deep voice)
Nectorine! (Silly voice)
(Richard jokes)
....Nobody likes a honky anymore. Bye-bye.
(Richard's brace for his ribs slips and he explains it.)
Darlin', come on.
(Richard does a spooky pirate impression.)
....Minnie Mouse! (Jokes around in a goofy voice.)
....Tea, Thursday, at my house!
I'm gonna sit right down and paint myself a letter. (Sings)
(Richard tells a story about his daughter Shannon; Family Feud 1994.)
(Richard tells a story about someone who had a gun; Family Feud 1994.)
(Richard yells Ahh!; Family Feud 1994.)
Where were you during soup? Oh I, I's just hunting. (Family Feud 1994.)
What are you? A smart *@#....(@$$ edited from show)
And you tell 'em Richard told y'all about it.
Osh wam amma dam.
(Richard hums a cop tune.)
(Richard recites a poem in his Ollie voice.)
Well, she's cute.
Wild Bill Cody. (Silly voice)
I love it when they groan.
Whadda y'mean no?!
(Richard does a nightclub DJ impression)
I found my thrill, on Blueberry Hill.
I wanna be Wink Martindale.
Jaguar! Gave my girl one, bit her leg off. Brum-bum! Survey!
(Richard screams at a mouse)
Something you do that makes you all wet.
....Makes you all wet.
Green was the colour of the carpet, and the colour, by the way, of my true love's hair
There goes the judge!
How gross. How grody to the max. We will return.
(Richard says "damn" and then "darn" while mocking a girl who said "damn")
Not tonight Richard, I have a headache.
A magazine I lust after, you said, 'Playboy.'
Toy children build with, you said 'Tinker Toys.' I love those. I like it when the elephant stands on them. (Paul Lynde voice)
That's the only reason I did that, so I could look down her neck.
(Richard reads a question backwards.)
(Richard coughs.)
(Richard tells about how he likes getting caught making love.)
Bye y'all.
(Richard talks to a pig and a canary.)
You hear that Ali? I'm prettier! I'm prettier than you are! I'm sorry!
One ringy dingy!
I have to go to the bathroom so bad, you wouldn't believe it.
Banana! Oh-day-oh!
(Richard laughing on Mid Family Feud)
(Richard echoes back to the audience.)
....Did you all get your wine? Yeah, I think you did.
....When I go to the crowd, you know what kind of answer I want. I don't wanna look like an idiot.
Speak up!
It's things like that, that make me cry.
(Richard sings like Dean Martin.)
(Richard says nonsense to get family's attention.)
(Richard does a cute laugh.)
(Richard laughs.)
Don't point to them! Don't get me aroused, just say the word. Panties!
(Richard plays the harmonica.)
Get that doberman outta here!
(Richard plays a tiny harmonica.)
This is the very thing Gene Wood carried carrying when he got arrested. Do you remember that? (Inhales oboe reed.)
(Richard yells at Howard to shut up.)
I did that with one of my kids, he dehydrated....
(Richard talks about his parents.)
....Don't get a divorce, you're only nine.... (Silly voice)
(Richard does his James Mason impression in 1983)
(Richard laughs)
Moo, cow!
Tweet tweet! Bird!
(Richard inhales and talks like he's high) OK. Stay off the grass!
What do you mean we don't have any time? I've always got time to say 'Bye bye, we'll see you here on the Feud.'
Hi. (Paul Lynde voice)
What is funny to you, Lisa? (Paul Lynde voice)
Damn! I mean, darn!
(Richard explains 'hanky' in an IRish accent)
That's why I don't go to the beach, boing, boing, boing!
Yeah? Bop bop bop bop!
(Pop sound) We'll be back.
(Pop sound)
Say, yeaaaah.
....We used whips, but nothing helped at all....
(Richard has girl prove that he doesn't wear make-up)
The whip!
(Richard expains, after a commercial break, why he's exhausted and aroused)
Get up!
What's up, Doc? (Impression)
Popeye. Popeye. (Impression)
Hey Yogi, what happened? You didn't make the poll. Ho ho ho! We'll be back, right after this. (Impression)
(Richard explains how Werner Klemperer was the original 'sauerkraut')
(Richard explains how Lil' Miss Muffet's name sounds southern)
(Richard gives an old lady some lollipops and sings a goofy song to her)
(Shorter version of Present.rm file where Richard sings)
(Jerry Lewis voice) We'll be back, right after this.
Oh, Newkirk! Well, that's all right.
I just see some guy get in the car, 'Would you SHUT UP?!'
Pie! Pie!
Ten points, five thousand dollars, survey says, la da de!
(Richard reads a poem, from a fan, about kissing)
Search me.
(Richard hums while waiting for an answer)
(What Richard sings while walking alone and being scared)
(Sings) Here comes the sun! Survey!
Uh, pack my pumpkin suit, Gene! Ready for October.
(Voice of Richard doll) Hello!
(Voice of Richard doll) One-hundred people surveyed, top five answers on the board. Like Mr. Bill.
(Richard sings 'Piano' to the tune of 'Tomorrow')
(Richard sings a silly version of 'Tomrrow')
(Man of many hats Feud commercial with Richard)
(Pirate voice) Once aboard the lugger, the girl is mine. We will return.
(Richard talks like a Beatle)
Just been talking to a uh, very highly educated young lady. I said, 'Where are you from?' She said, 'UCLA!!!!' Worth every penny your parents are paying for that education--
A donkey, mule and a jackass. But, enough about me.
Thank you Geno. Up you jump!
Stay there! Don't go away!
....I'm sticky here!
OK. I think we'll have a good day today. A little wild, but good. We'll be back after I shower.
Will you, will you marry me? You?! You're ugly! Does that mean no?
(Richard sings very off-key)
(Richard hums a tune to give a clue as to who a girl had dated)
(Richard does a cute laugh)
Was it good for you?
Don't hang up! Don't hang up!
(Richard talks about how he's gonna 'stock up on a few of those lacy goodies')
Baa! Baaaa! Bam!
....CUCKOO! I hate it.
(Richard gets a woman to reach into his pocket)
(Richard does his ape impression)
....Dracula and the Lion, remember that? Boy, that frightened the hell outta me.
Something men *ahem* keep in their pants.
A food that comes in instant form. Instant....asparagus!
No, of course not, cos you're smart, aren't'cha?
Oh, I've got a yearning for honey. (Richard does his Yogi Bear impression)
(Richard calls an answer and then yells no really loud)
It's a dirty job, but somebody has to do it.
(Richard sings a song in a silly way)
Let me sing a happy song.
(Jerry Lewis impression at the podium)