The Gettys

When Pia Miller married Christopher Getty, she became part of one of the most famous families in America. Like the Rockefellers, the Getty family is associated with fabulous wealth and success. And like the Kennedys, it is a surname that also evokes scandal and tragedy.

This and the Following Page consist of charts (which I created) that show the various families of the Getty clan, along with some photos of family members. I have also included some notes for each section.

The Sources for my information are located at the bottom of the page. I would also like to thank Jeanann Goss for contributing some information & helping me make this page even better.

Chart 1: J. Paul Getty's First and Second Marriages.

J. Chart

J. Paul Getty Sr., founding father of the Getty clan, in front of his London home; an illustration of his first two marriages.

Notes on Chart 1

Jean Paul Getty Sr. is the founding father of the Getty clan. He inherited his father's oil business, and invested money from it into the stock market, which generated immense affluence. Although he cultivated friendships with English royalty and its aristocracy, one of his possessions was a pay phone for his guests at Sutton Place, his London home worth $17 million.

He married five times: to Jeanette Tremont (1923-25), Allene Ashby (1926-28), Adolphine Hemle (1928-1932), Ann Rork (1932-1935), and Theodora Lynch. He had five sons and no daughters.

George Franklin Getty is the only child of J. Paul Getty Sr.'s first marriage to Jeanette Tremont. He was named after his paternal grandfather. Served as Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Getty Oil until his death. His unusual death at age 48 (in 1973) from a drug overdose was considered a possible suicide.

Anne Catherine, Claire Eugenia, and Caroline Marie Getty- George's 3 daughters- were nicknamed "The Georgettes." Anne Catherine married an Erdhart and has two children, Sara and Nicholas. Claire Eugenia married twice. Her first marriage was to a Mazzota; the child from that marriage is Beau Maurizio George Getty-Mazzota. Her second marriage was to a Perry, from which Byron, Sebastian, and Somerset were born.

No children born to J. Paul Getty Sr. & Allene Ashby during their marriage.

Chart 2: J. Paul Getty's Third and Fifth Marriages.

Christopher Pia Chart

Clockwise from top left: Businessman Christopher Getty, an illustration of J. Paul Getty's third and fifth marriages, and Pia Miller Getty.

Notes on Chart 2

Jean Ronald Getty is the only child of J. Paul Getty Sr.'s third marriage to Adolphine Hemle. Was briefly involved in management of Getty Enterprises, and for reasons unknown has been excluded from the family trust. Jean Ronald has survived bankruptcy, and his income is now provided by his brothers. He resides in Germany.

Some speculate that Jean Ronald was excluded from the family trust because of J. Paul Getty Sr.'s resentment towards his mother, Adolphine. She successfully prevented J. Paul Getty from marrying his 4th wife Ann Rork before she gave birth to their first child by fighting their divorce; thus, J. Paul's animosity towards Hemle carried over to him.

Christopher R. Getty is the only son of Jean Ronald Getty. Aside from being known to followers of the Miller sisters as Pia's husband, he is a businessman. One of his ventures is the OneWorld Networks, and he is also a director of Getty Investment Holdings as well as Duty Free Shoppers. Christopher is now an Irish citizen as well; it is rumored he changed it for tax purposes.

Stephanie Getty is one of Jean Ronald's three daughters. She is married to Alexander Weibel and has a daughter, Maria Teresa.

Timothy Getty was J. Paul Getty Sr.'s last son from his 5th marriage to Theodora Lynch. He was supposedly the most beloved of the Getty sons; with him, J. Paul Getty Sr. was reputedly a much more gentle and less demanding father than he was on with his other children. However, Timothy died at the age of 12 after experiencing surgical complications from a brain tumor operation.


The sources for my information are the
San Francisco Chronicle, archive messages in the newsgroup, Christopher Getty's One World Networks site and a Net Attorney's article on Tax Law Loopholes. I also read profiles of Mark Getty, Aileen Getty, and John Gilbert Getty. Should anyone have any information about them, please feel free to E-mail Me.

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