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The Previous page covered J. Paul Getty's First, Second, Third and Fifth Marriages. This page covers his Fourth marriage to Ann Rork- the branch of the now most famous Gettys in the family.

The Sources are at the bottom of the page. I would also like to thank Jeanann Goss for contributing information to this genealogy.

Chart 1: The First Family of the Fourth Getty Branch


Clockwise from top left: Jean Paul Getty III in the 1970s; Sir Jean Paul Getty II's family; artist Aileen Getty; Getty Images businessman Mark Getty; actor Balthazar Getty .

Notes on Chart 2

Sir Jean Paul Getty II was originally born Eugene Paul Getty. He married three times, to Gail Harris, Talitha Pol, and his current spouse Victoria. He received an honorary knighthood in Britain for contributing over $200 million to British causes, and is known as both a patron of the arts and a devoted cricket fan. However, Sir John Paul was also a registered heroin addict in Britain; both his son and grandson would become addicts as well. He continues to live in London, where he has resided for over 25 years.

Jean Paul Getty III is the oldest grandson of J. Paul Getty Sr. He was also the victim of what possibly is one of the most famous kidnapping cases in the last century. He was kidnapped (while in his teens) by the Italian Red Brigades and held for a $3.2 million ransom. Because his family balked at paying the ransom, his right ear was cut off and sent to an Italian newspaper. Only then was a $1 million ransom paid and Jean Paul III released.

Jean Paul III's life has been a tragic one. He opted to marry a German artist named Gisela at a young age, and because of that, was disinherited for violating a clause stipulating that they marry only after the age of 26*. In addition, years of alcohol and drug abuse resulted in paralysis and blindness.

Paul Balthazar Getty is the only son of Jean Paul III and Gisela (who had a daughter named Anna). He is a well-known actor whose credits include the Lord of the Flies remake, Where the Day Takes You, Young Guns II, and David Lynch's Lost Highway.

Balthazar has been making a comeback after a period of heroin addiction (well-detailed in a current issue of Premiere magazine). He also married Rosetta Millington recently, and the couple are expecting a child. He also has the letters B-Z-A-R tattooed across his fingers.

Aileen Getty is an artist. She married Christopher Wilding, son of Elizabeth Taylor, and has two sons- one with Wilding, the other adopted. Aileen became HIV-positive in 1984, and developed full-blown AIDS in 1990. However, she and Taylor are still very close, as well as devoted AIDS activists.

Mark Getty is also a businessman. He owns Getty Images, a company of archival photographs that is giving Bill Gates some severe competition. Like his cousin Christopher, he too is an Irish citizen.

Talitha Pol Getty was the daughter of painter William Pol and step-granddaughter of artist Augustus John. During her life, she was known as a free spirit; among her friends was designer Diane Von Fürstenberg. Tragically, she too was a drug addict, and died of an overdose in her pool.

Tara Gabriel Galaxy Gramophone Getty is the only child of Sir John and Talitha Getty. He has supposedly married recently.

*I've also heard the Getty clause forbids marriages under the ages of 24 and 25.

Chart 2: The Second Family of the Fourth Getty Branch

Gordon Ann Chart Billy John

Clockwise from top left: Gordon Getty at a San Francisco benefit; Gordon Getty's 2 families; Plumpjack entrepreneur Billy Getty; John Gilbert Getty; Ann Gilbert Getty in the 1970s.

Notes on Chart 1

Gordon Getty is the fourth son of J. Paul Getty, Sr, and the younger brother of Sir Jean Paul II. He became his father's favorite after the death of his half-brother George Franklin, and supposedly inherited the bulk of the Getty fortune. Gordon is also a successful businessman based in San Francisco. In addition, he is widely reputed to be a talented classical musician, and frequently composes music.

Gordon Getty married Ann Gilbert in 1964, and has four sons. Although the couple have remained married, Gordon has a second family of three daughters with a woman named Cynthia Beck based in Southern California. Their existence surfaced when his three daughters petitioned to change their surnames from their mother's to his, and he did not contest it. He acknowledged them by saying in a statement, "Nicolette, Kendalle and Alexandra are my children. Their mother, Cynthia Beck, and I love them very much."

Both he and Ann Getty are known to be the most gracious and hospitable of the Getty clan aside from devoted patrons of the arts. Their son, John Gilbert, has a young daughter, whom they have embraced and integrated into their family. Gordon and Ann established a Montessori preschool in their Broadway mansion to educate her.

William Paul Getty is the third of Gordon and Ann Getty's sons, and often goes by the nickname "Billy". He is also based in San Francisco, and recently married Vanessa Jarman. Getty runs a wine and restaurant business called Plumpjack with San Francisco Supervisor Gavin Newsom. The venture has been successful.

John Gilbert Getty is the youngest son of Gordon and Ann. He too is based in California, and works for the Getty Trust. He is said to be interested in becoming a rock and roll musician, but has also looked into acting. He is the father of a four-year-old daughter named Ivy. When an interviewer compared his family with the Kennedys, he replied:

"The Kennedys are the royal family of America, but... if you want to talk about true glamour, scandal, and just a true collection of interesting and wild celebrities, that applies far more to my family."


The sources for my information are the San Francisco Chronicle, archive messages in the newsgroup, Christopher Getty's One World Networks site and a Net Attorney's article on Tax Law Loopholes. I also read profiles of Mark Getty, Aileen Getty, and John Gilbert Getty. Should anyone have any information about them, please feel free to E-mail Me.

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